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Friday, December 12, 2014

Shaving Cream Marble Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose friend Kelly over at Set in Lacquer is a genius!

The other night she was playing around and invented a new way to marble. A way even I can do! All 5 fingers in one go even! And thankfully she did a tutorial.

So I decided to give it a try and it worked!

Shaving Cream Marble Nail Art

So for my first try, it's random, but pretty cool!

And the process was easy as was the clean up. Although I can see from my photos now that I could use a bit of detail clean up still.

I started with a white base rather than the black base Kelly used. I didn't have any metallic paint so I figured I'd go with white base. Shaving cream in a paper plate, smoothed out, acrylic craft paint drizzled over, designs made with a toothpick. Dip fingers in nail down and lift like you're scooping.

And since acrylic craft paint is water-based, the clean up is just a matter of washing your hands!

So after you've dipped/scooped, let it hang out there for a few minutes and when you go to rinse the shaving cream, do it upside down, like let the water run softly in the pad of your fingers, sluicing the shaving cream off from underneath. Then wait for the water to dry and top coat. Once the top coat is really dry THEN you can wash your hands with soap to get the mess off. Even with the waiting for stuff to dry aspect, it's still quicker than water marbling and the effects, while different, are cool!

I can't wait to play around with it more, maybe doing more intricate, planned designs and one finger at a time? With different bases and paint finishes?

What do you think? Will you try this? If you do, be sure to check out Kelly's tutorial and tag @setinlacquer on IG to let her see what you did!

So KUDOS Kelly! You're a flipping genius!

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me what people think of to try. Crazy cool!

  2. I love the way this turned out!

  3. Cool! I'll try this as soon as I buy acrylic paint. ;)

  4. How does people come up with these things. Awesome


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