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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Literary Lacquers Gloss48 Duo: Catherine and Heathcliff

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

I'm baaaaaack! I never considered how difficult it would be to polish your nails with a dislocated shoulder! But I'm coming back with a great Duo, though.

Tonight I have the Literary Lacquers Gloss48 Duo: Catherine and Heathcliff. Gloss48 held a "Show Us Your Indies" contest, and the winner, Amanda, had the opportunity to work with Amy from Literary Lacquers to create this new duo inspired by Wuthering Heights.

Literary Lacquers Gloss48 Duo
Catherine and Heathcliff

Let me just tell you right now that Wuthering Heights is one of the first movies I remember seeing and falling in love with. I thought Merle Oberon must be one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen and Laurence Olivier was so brooding and handsome. There's one scene I've never forgotten: "Goodbye, my wild, sweet Cathy" and "he's with her, they've only just begun to live" as Heathcliff and Cathy strolled hand-in-hand across the Moors.

And then I read the book.

Um, I would ALWAYS recommend if you plan on seeing the movie, never read the book first. I accidentally did Wuthering Heights in the right order. The book was SO much more. More detailed. More involved. Darker. And the ending was SO different! I loved the movie and I know I wouldn't have if I'd read the book first. And as I read the book, I pictured Geraldine Page, Donald Crisp, Larry and Merle. This is the movie that made me fall in love with movies and the book that made me fall in love with literature. So naturally I couldn't be MORE excited to be reviewing this Duo.

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Ladies first!

Catherine is a brown-based burgundy with a strong linear holo that has a very prominent violet/purple holo arc, a subtle golden flash and micro-flakes! Perfect formula and application. No issues to report at all. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.




Heathcliff is an aqua/teal with a strong linear holo with a golden holo arc and loads of micro-flakes! Same formula as Catherine. No issues to report. Creamy and smooth. Two coats with one coat of top coat for the photos.


What do you think? They are perfect together and it's hard to pick a favorite. While my heart belongs to Heathcliff, I have to pick Catherine. 

This Literary Lacquers Catherine and Heathcliff duo launched December 3rd on the Gloss48 website here. This is an exclusive duo to the site and will not be available elsewhere for purchase. They will also have other Literary Lacquers shades available for purchase as duos with a 20% off discount on all duos, including the Catherine and Heathcliff exclusive duo, from December 3rd through December 10th. 

And I'm LATE showing you these beauties so head on over and check it out NOW!

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