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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Winter Wonderland: Day 5 - Holiday Sweater Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose

Hi guys! It's sadly the last day in Digit-al Dozen Week. This month, the theme was Winter Wonderland. It's no secret I miss the seasons. All of them. Yes, even including Winter. Here in South Texas, we don't get to see all 4 seasons often and Winter is almost never. So I'm sad to see this week end.

So for the last day, I have a couple examples of some not-so-great stamping. I swear I don't understand what I do wrong! And a Gift Wrap mani that didn't make the cut.

Holiday Sweater Nail Art


I started with a base of Chanel Rouge Rubis and added free-handed "cable knit" lines with white. Then I used a sheer franken I made by putting a couple of drops of red in a 3/4ths empty bottle of top coat. Followed with stamping. I used BM-318 for the snowman and BM-323 for the snowflakes. I filled in the snowman features with a small brush and dotting tool using acrylic paint.

And the one that got scrapped is another messy stamping attempt. I can't seem to get a clear image AND I smeared it.


For this one I started with a base of Kiko 335, then stamped with BM-323 and B17 (which I think is a knockoff of Konad M20) in Konad White  in layers for a "jelly stampwich" - topped off with Nfu-Oh JS27

Here's the Gift Wrap Mani that didn't quite make it. I just didn't really like it - seemed too messy.

Thanks for joining us this week for all the Winter Wonderland manis and be sure to check the links below to see creations from the other The Digit-al Dozen gals!

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  1. I think these are all nice. I love that purple one! The final design is definitely my favorite though!

  2. I think you're too hard on yourself - these all look great!! But the pink one is definitely my favorite :) I still have trouble getting clear transfers when stamping and I always seem to smear it too, but I think I'm getting better with practice. The trouble is, it makes me mad that I can't do it right, so I don't practice much haha! :p

  3. Beautiful! I love the combo of pink and red for this time of year.

    I love the purple and blue snowflakes too! Beautiful!!

  4. Sheila NO, that purple stamping mani is sublime! SOOOOOO beautiful xx

  5. All fantastic but I love the sweater design!

  6. Pfft! These are all amazing! I love all of them! And your snowman is winking! :)


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