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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nail of the Day: Kiko 315

Nothing to Disclose 
*This product is Cruelty Free

I swear sometimes I wonder how I manage to stumble through life. I'm wearing a polish I've worn at least a dozen times and yet I've never posted swatches! But that's not the worst. I've taken swatch photos THREE times and still didn't manage to get it posted.

So tonight I AM posting it.

Kiko 315 "Dark Mauve"

Why it's called "Dark Mauve" I do not know. Loses something in the translation from Italian to English? Good thing they number them! But it's a warm-toned purple.

Two coats and one coat of Poshe top coat. Perfect, creamy, smooth formula. Perfection as are all of the Kiko cremes I've tried.

Curse Royal Mail! I'm not sure how I'm going to get my Kiko fix now.

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  1. Meu Deus, estou apaixonada por este esmalte!!! Desejei muito seu blog é lindo ja estou te seguindo

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  3. Double curse Royal Mail! I can't get my affordable a england fix either!

  4. Yeah, no shite, Milktea! I was laying in bed lamenting I didn't pick up that one from the last collection while I had a shot at it and thinking I should really email them and tell them FedEx! FedEx is your buddy!! ModelsOwn does FedEx! It's expensive, but at least I can get my polish and it encourages me to buy more just to make the expense worth it. I feel less bad about expensive shipping for 15 bottles rather than just one. BAH! CURSE YOU ROYAL MAIL! **shakes fist in general direction of England**

    I *love* this color. Have you compared this to butterLondon Brummie? I think Brummie is probably more vibrant a little lighter, but I'd be interested to see it. This is such a great dark lilac I'd love to see if I have something similar, maybe.

    Love it!

    1. Nails Inc. Westminster is really close but same problem with Royal Mail because Sephora never has that one. Brummie is a bit lighter, but the same tone. The finish on Brummie is like a rubber finish though.


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