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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Favorite Red and a Chanel Reds and Vamps Comparison

Nothing to Disclose

There are LOTS of reds I love. Chanel Dragon, Illamasqua Throb, Chanel Rouge Noir, Zoya ZsaZsa...but the ONE red that is THE perfect shade of red for me when I'm not in a super vampy mood is Chanel Rouge Fatal #487. If I'm in a hurry, the perfectly creamy formula is a ONE-COATER. And it's a cool-toned red, so it's perfect with my skin.

To see where it fits in, color-wise, with other Chanel reds and vamps, meet me after the jump...

So I pulled out the Chanel reds and vamps that I have (not all of them by any stretch) and here's a nail wheel comparison...

A closer look...

My vampy favorite is, of course, Rouge Noir #18. However, if the $27 price tag is too hefty, I've found a really good substitute for $2.00 - it's not a true dupe because it's just a hair lighter but the formula and jelly finish are the same. (Yes, I said that. Heresy? No, just being honest. I still ADORE Chanel, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em!) To see what that is, check out my post here.

I only wish Rouge Fatal wasn't discontinued. It figures that anything that becomes my FAVORITE or my go-to will be discontinued. Happens with lipstick too. The jerks!

What is YOUR favorite red polish? Any brand or finish...

*Chanel may not be Cruelty-Free

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  1. Love them ALL! I definitely need Rouge Fatal in my life.

  2. Wait, what?! When did they discontinue Rouge Fatal?? Totally my favorite too and just spotted it a couple of days ago... Better stock up I guess.

    1. Well I assumed it was DCs - maybe I'm wrong! I can't find it anywhere except places like eBay.

  3. 1...1...Ok I can't narrow it down to 1, I can do 3! Essie Really Red, OPI The Spy Who Loved Me & OPI Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry. I also can't live without China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red & Orly Torrid. Ok so it was 6 but they are all must haves in my book!

  4. I have them all except Canicule, I so hope to get it one day - and needless to say I love them all.
    Depending on the mood they are gorgeous each and every one - but Tentation holds a special placed in my heart....

  5. It was interesting seeing all the reds and vamps side by side, my favourite red is OPI Dutch Tulips, it has a slight pink tone that I love :)

  6. I have a bunch of favourite reds, Chanel Malice is one of them as well as OPI's Rajah Royal Ruby. I'm a fan of vampy :P

  7. I adore Rouge Fatal, it's my only Chanel and it was a gift from my beloved bf :) And the colour, of course.. I love wearing it in spring! :)

  8. My favorite is Malice! I'll be so sad when I finish my bottle!


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