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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chanel Rouge Noir Substitute for Two Bucks?

Nothing to Disclose
These products may NOT be Cruelty Free 

Check this OUT!

SinfulShine Mirror Mirror vs. Chanel Rouge Noir

One coat each...

Two coats each...

They both have a jelly formula. They both apply the same and are about the same consistency. Not too thick and not too thin. SinfulShine Mirror Mirror is a bit lighter with two coats than Chanel Rouge Noir. I had no chipping with either one and only slight, normal tip wear with both.

Chanel Rouge Noir is $27 and SinfulShine is regularly $2.99 but they're on sale at Walgreens for 2 for $4 right now.

I can't believe I'm about to say this (you guys know I love my Chanels) but in this particular case, I actually prefer the SinfulShine because it's just a tad lighter and actually reads like a vampy red on me in all lighting, while Chanel Rouge Noir reads black on me in some lighting. Yes, I know...heresy.

What do YOU think? Are they close enough?

*Chanel may not be Cruelty-Free and SinfulShines by Sinful Colors is now owned by Revlon which is no longer Cruelty-Free.

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  1. LOVE!! I am so glad you posted this! I actually prefer the Sinful too!

  2. I need that sinful shine Mirror mirror

  3. Such a shame neither are cruelty-free as I honestly love them both! I actually prefer the look of the Sinful one slightly too! Great post!

  4. crazy! i love that color though its so pretty for fall

  5. Just wanted to say I like what you've done with the cruelty free brand thing vs. not. :)

  6. Oh yes I like that the Sinful Shine is more obviously red

  7. Oh! Thanks for the pics and the opinion. I'm thinking of picking it up myself since I'm looking for a nice wine red. :) Any other suggestions?


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