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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dior Trafalgar No. 657

Nothing to Disclose 
*This product may NOT be Cruelty Free 

Working on swatching some amazing collections for you but I thought I'd do a quick "drop and run" on this one: Dior Trafalgar # 657

Trafalgar, part of the Dior Les Rouges Collection for Fall 2013, is a red-orange crelly polish. It's quite sheer like a jelly and dries super shiny. I used FOUR coats of this and still had VNL (visible nail line) so this is one Dior, actually, that isn't for me. But the color is intense and amazing and if you love the jelly/crelly finish and don't mind VNL, I think you'll love it. Four coats and no top coat for the photos. I've used strong lighting and medium lighting so you could see the nuances of this shade.(The first photo above is the most color-accurate for most lighting situations, I think.)

The Dior Les Rouges Collection is available in stores now and each one retails for $24.00.

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