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Sunday, September 1, 2013

HITS Mari Moon MultiGirl Cosmic Glitter Set - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Today I have a 4-polish set from HITS to show you - the Mari Moon MultiGirl Cosmic Glitter set which includes Pinkland Girl, Seapunk Mermaid, Space Grunge and Toxic Galaxy.

These are all clear-based glitter polishes.

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All four of these had the same formula and glitter density. I've chosen to show these to you all layered with one coat over a plain black creme, which is how I wear them. They can, however, be worn alone in about 3-4 coats for a full-on glitter bomb effect and they all look pretty much like the bottle would suggest when worn alone.

The glitters are all uniform in shape and size and they all come out of the bottles easily and spread evenly on the nail. No issues to report.

Seapunk Mermaid and Toxic Galaxy have multi-chrome glitters in addition to the others while Pinkland Girl and Space Grunge have holographic glitters in addition to the others.

All photos are one coat over black with one generous coat of Poshe top coat.


Pinkland Girl - magenta and blue metallic small hex glitters and holographic metallic hex glitters in a clear base.


Seapunk Mermaid - pink, blue and aqua small metallic hex glitters with multi-chrome metallic hex glitters in a clear base.


Space Grunge - various shades of blue and aqua small metallic hex glitters with small holographic metallic glitters and blue shimmer in a clear base.


Toxic Galaxy - blue, green, copper and magenta small metallic hex glitters with small multi-chrome metallic hex glitters in a clear base.


What do you think of this set? I prefer one coat of these over black because I like the effect and look but I'm a "less is more" type of person. If you are a "more is more" type who loves a full-on glitter bomb, then wearing these alone will -  Blow. Your. Mind. My favorite is Space Grunge because I like the added shimmer in that one. What are your favorites?

The HITS set is available at Ninja Polish!  They carry a full line of HITS polishes, including the Mari Moons here.

Be sure and follow Ninja Polish on social media for the latest updates. 

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  1. Oh wow..I love them ALL! I love Ninja's selection of colors and your swatches, as always, are FLAWLESS! GREAT post..PINNED!

  2. These are beautiful! I kind of want all of them now :/


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