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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dior Lilac Colorvision #398

Tonight I have another new Dior to show you - Lilac Colorvision 398!

Now if you're as easily confused as I am, you're wondering where THIS came from! Well let's follow the trail...

From the sweet Peach over at à la peach we have this gorgeous photo of the Japan Spring 2013 Exclusives:  Rosalba 258 and FrouFrou 398 - check out her post on these two here.

Photo from à la peach

And then we have the two Harrod's Exclusives: Diorling 258 and Windsor 807...

Photo from

Diorling and Rosalba are the same. And somehow I didn't pick up either one. Guess a true pink doesn't float my boat.

And FrouFrou 398 is the same as the Sephora Exclusive Lilac Colorvision 398. I will have Windsor soon, I hope - it's winging its way to me now!

Are we confused yet? LOL! Well I've been told that Windsor 807 is the same as NY 57th #807.

Anyway, I have Dior Lilac Colorvision 398 to show you now. It's a true lilac creme. Perfect formula. Two easy coats for full opacity. No top coat for the photos. It reads warmer in most lighting and slightly cooler in the shade.

Dior Lilac Colorvision 398

Dior Lilac Colorvision 398

Dior Lilac Colorvision 398

Dior Lilac Colorvision 398 - in shade

What do you think of this one? It's the perfect lilac creme and I'm in love with it!

It's available at and since FrouFrou is a Japan Exclusive, I'm not sure where that one can be obtained.

*Products purchased by me

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  1. This is so pretty! Your nails are lickable!

  2. Very pretty color - a dupe for this polish is Covergirl Lav-Endure...I just did a review/swatch of it. I can't believe how similar they look! Beautiful nails.

  3. Truly gorgeous! Sephora here I come!!

  4. Your swatches are really nice! Great color!

  5. This looks so good on your nails! Love it. :)


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