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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

Okay, so the Kardashian Collection popped up in my local Walmart and in spite of the names and inspiration behind them, I did buy a few. *shrugs* They were pretty colors! As I figured, most of the ones I got were "inspired" or "created by" Kris Jenner. Figures since I'm not into glitter and I am closer to HER age than I am the girls'.

But Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam really stood out. It's a beautiful, deep teal creme. And a one-coater!

Photos shown are with a base, one coat of color and a coat of Seche Vite.

Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam
What do you think? Will you be getting any of the Kardashian Collection?
If so is it because of or in spite of? =)


  1. Beautiful teal shade,I'd buy it too, no matter the inspiration ;) we don't have this line of polish available tho

  2. I think this color is soo pretty on you!!I haven't seen these in person, but I think I may get the light pink :p dunno yet , have to see them first!
    wht is a little lamlam hahaLOL??

  3. Thanks for the comments! The light pink was pretty, but light pinks hate my pasty white skin, sadly.

    I wore a green-leaning teal sweater today and it pulled out the greens in it rather than the blues in the photos!

  4. Wow that's really pretty! I've got my "Thinking of Blue" on today, thanks to you!!!!

  5. I'm just a little late to this party (lol) but I love this! I've been wanting to get a couple of these, I think this will definitely be one.


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