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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! Sort of... OPI Chopsticking To My Story

I think this qualifies for a Thrifty Thursday entry because Ulta was having a 2 for $10 OPI sale on some older collection polishes. So I picked up Chopsticking to My Story, which looks like a Pumpkin Spice Latte to me! Fitting for the rare "cold front" that blew in last night. It's from the OPI Hong Kong Collection for Spring 2010.

Standard OPI creme formula, goes on great, great brush leaving no clean up necessary. This one took 3 coats rather than 2 for me to get the opacity I wanted, but certainly, less persnickity people could get by with two.

Natural lighting:

OPI Chopsticking To My Story
Artificial lighting:
OPI Chopsticking To My Story
 Truest color in natural lighting:
OPI Chopsticking To My Story
Isn't it yummy???

I don't actually drink pumpkin spice lattes - but I am having a plain ole cuppa joe and wearing my sweater and boots! (Don't get to do that very often here in extreme southern Po-Dunk.)


  1. I am so glad this one popped up as a recommended post, I had seen this pic somewhere on your page or something but didn't know which polish it was. It was bothering me. LOL Love the color, looks great on you.

  2. and now you seriously made me hungry :-S
    Ok, added it to my wishlist too..... LOL thanks!!


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