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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Ten of Sinful Colors Swatch Fest - Secret Admirer

This is the LAST Sinful Colors Swatch Fest post!  And last up is Secret Admirer. This looks like glitter, but it's either shimmer or micro-glitter because removal was nothing like normal glitters. It's a black or really dark grey base with a ton of silver shimmer or micro-glitter. Application was fine and 2 coats did the trick.

Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
Sinful Colors Secret Admirer

Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
Nothing spectacular, but it's a good formula and if you like colors like this, it's worth the price. This was the last one I got on sale for $0.99, but full price is only $1.99.

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  1. This is actually one of my favorite Sinful Colors, but I do love black polish. So pretty!


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