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Thursday, November 17, 2011

L'Oreal 2011 Winter Nail Polish Collection (now with comparison shots)

So, I was at the grocery store, checking the nail polish aisle before checking out...just in case. My Walgreens and CVS stores never seem to get any of the new stuff from the "drug store" brands, but this HEB Plus seems to get everything. It's where I scored L'Oreal Owl's Night and the rest of that collection, the new Revlons, including Facets of Fuchsia, Mistletoe, etc.

So tonight, I see a brand new display of 4 new L'Oreal polishes. These have a round cap, thank goodness, those odd square caps never lined up right after they were opened! The OCD in me hated that.

I didn't notice the name of the collection on the display, sadly. If anyone knows it, please comment!

They are:

Breaking Curfew is a deep, vampy eggplant creme. Actually this one could be a crelly, but not quite sure. The formula is much like a jelly/creme, but it appears to be a one-coater.

Violet Vixen is just that - a pure pink/magenta violet creme.

Stroke of Midnight is a blue-hued steel  shimmer.

Because You're Worth It is a gold shimmer/frost. (this frost isn't streaky!)

I'll be reviewing them soon, but I can already tell by the one swatch of each I did on a nail wheel that they are one-coaters and the formula, brush and cap are good.  So glad L'Oreal stepped up and improved their nail polish line!

I'll leave you with just bottle shots for now.

Breaking Curfew

Violet Vixen

Stroke of Midnight

Because You're Worth It


L'Oreal Violet Vixen
Edited to add comparison shots with the last L'Oreal Collection...


  1. Violet Vixen & Because You're Worth It look pretty :3 !!

  2. I just bought Violet Vixen today! And Safari Chic (a sage green).


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