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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Nine of Sinful Colors Swatch Fest - Ruby Ruby

Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby is a bright cherry-red jelly-creme (crelly) that went on well, needed two coats for near-opacity and a thin third coat to even everything out. There is a slight VNL, even with the three coats, but it's not as bad as some of the crellies. Still, I prefer a straight creme just for this reason. I seriously have a hatred for VNL! Even the Chanel Pirate (crelly) red had VNL. I'm beginning to think it's all jellies and crellies.

Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby


  1. I'm with you on those VNL. It has to be a really special polish for me not to mind. Really like Sinful Colors. Good colors & price. Not always the best formula but at that price it's okay. Love reds but rarely wear them. Mainly because my nails are usually nubbins. I always associate red nails with long nails.

  2. Did you ever find one? I just bought Ruby Ruby today. Maybe they reformulated because mine was totally opaque in 3 coats. If you don't want to chance it, ChG's Salsa is very close.

    1. Actually I've found several FANTASTIC TOTALLY opaque reds since this - Chanel Dragon and Illamasqua Throb are AWESOME!

  3. D'oh. I knew you loved Dragon, I spaced. I'm kind of on a hunt for jellies. I don't like VNL, but I cheat and use an opaque matching color for the bottom coat of my jelly sandwiches. They still have the depth and the squishy that I love that way, without the nasty VNL. I'm hoping Ruby Ruby will be sheer enough to pull one off.


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