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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dance Legend WOW Prisms: 31 through 36

*These products are Cruelty Free

Happy Hump Day! We're half way through the week and I'm pretty sure it should be Friday, but my calendar says I'm just dreaming. So to brighten up a typical Wednesday, I have 6 new-ish WOW Prisms from Dance Legend to show you!

Dance Legend - WOW Prisms
#s 31 through 36

Swatches and review after the jump...

All 6 of these have the exact same formula...smooth and easy, perfectly self-leveling, opaque in 2 coats. No issues to report at all. These have NO glitter in them at all, leaving a perfectly smooth finish, with or without top coat. Without a top coat, they dry down to a near-gloss finish. Still shiny but not super duper shiny.

I've used 2 coats and one coat of top coat for all photos. I've done two sun photos and 2 shade photos of each polish.


Through the Glass (#31) is a lovely medium turquoise with holo glass fleck/flakes.


Beautiful Lie (#32) is a medium blue-based purple with holo glass fleck/flakes.


Last Serenade (#33) is medium rose-pink with holo glass fleck/flakes.


Golden Cobra (#34) is a yellow-gold with holo glass fleck/flakes.


Inhale (#35) is a bright grass green with holo glass fleck/flakes. I love the name because INHALE is what I do every time I see freshly mown grass. Best. Smell. Ever.


Holy Diver (#36) is a medium sea-blue/aqua with glass fleck/flakes.


I think I said this on another WOW Prism post before but HOLY CRAP! These are just as stunning as the first ones were. I think my favorite of these six is probably Last Serenade just because I love berry shades but they're all fantastic. It's definitely my favorite line of theirs. What's your favorite?

If you missed any of the other WOW Prisms I've reviewed so far (and yes I still have 5 more of these gorgeous WOW Prisms to show you) you can click the links below each photo.

WOW Prism #s: 17, 22, 25 & 30

Poison #27

Strutter #23
Night Ranger #28

You can check these out at the Dance Legend site and also at Llaroweand various other e-tailers worldwide. You can also like the Dance Legend Facebook page for more information. The WOW Prism line retails for $13.00. Dance Legend ships directly from Russia world-wide, but if you're outside Russia, you can also shop the e-tailers listed above.

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  1. The macros of this collection are just to die for! I could see myself staring at my nails and inch from my face.

  2. "Wow" is a HUGE understatement!!!

  3. I have several of these, Night Ranger and Just Another Star (dark blue and purple); and Through the Glass and Beautiful Lie...they are just great polishes, I adore Star, but despite being a purple queen, Beautiful Lie takes the cake. It is one of my fave polishes ever. Pictures of it are gorgeous but nothing compares to it in person. You won't be able to stop looking at it, so no staring and driving!

  4. These are just perfection and your pics are stunning!

  5. OMG!! These are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I want all of them!!

  6. I love the finish on these. I want them all!

  7. São lindas as cores e a qualidade excelente maravilhosa as cores

  8. Beautiful!

    I have a question for anyone.... can you tell me how these compare in terms of removal to glitters, which I refuse to buy anymore because I'm too lazy? lol I have a few of these Wow Prisms, but haven't done anything more than swatch them (along with 99.99999% of the rest of my 1400 or so polishes), and have never removed them. I know some flakies remove as easily as a basic cream, but some do not. Any words on this would be much appreciated!


    1. Hey Sandi! These are not really "flakes" like we are used to. They remove easily - nothing like glitters or even regular flakes where they will stick to your nail stubbornly. They're more like holo glass fleck as far as removal. Super easy. WEAR THOSE PUPPIES!

    2. Ahhhh, now THAT'S what I wanted to hear! :o) Now I shall toss more in my cart from DL, pull the trigger, and know that I can actually wear these instead of them just taking up (pretty) room in my Helmers. lol Thanks a bunch!


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