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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zoya Entice Collection: Fall 2014 - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

This is the collection I've been waiting for since I saw previews at CosmoProfNA in Vegas this year. A six-polish collection of straight-up creme finishes in gorgeous Fall shades!

Zoya Entice Collection
Fall 2014

I could almost squee out loud! But how are the formulas?

Continued after the jump...

First, I did what I always do - I had a bit of fun with some freehand nail art. This is a freehand argyle mani using Margo, Ryan and Genevieve.

Makes me long for boots and sweaters and scarves and a mug of hot chocolate and changing leaves. I can almost smell it.


Formula: All six of these had terrific formulas. Most are one-coaters even! Now one-coater for "in real life" versus one-coater for the unforgiving closeness of the camera are two different things sometimes. So I will tell you about each one as I go. But I have zero issues to report. I have 3 photos of each one - two in artificial lighting and one in indirect natural lighting

So let's get started! The true one-coaters first...

Ryan - This one is a deep, dusty navy creme.  I'm showing one coat here with no top coat.


Veronica - This one was the hardest one to capture as far as color-accuracy and I fear that hard as I tried, I didn't quite get it. The 3rd photo is the most accurate. It's actually a dark berry red. The red is pretty prominent, like in the first 2 photos, but it does have berry purple undertones that are obvious in real life. This is one coat with no top coat.


Margo - This one is a gorgeous true berry purple creme - medium in tone, cool-leaning. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.


Genevieve (Geneviev on my bottle) - This one is a medium-to-dark grey creme with blue undertones. I believe this is a one-coater for real life but I've used 2 coats for the photos with no top coat. If you look closely at this one, it appears to have some shimmer in it. It actually doesn't, but the pigments don't seem to be totally mixed and there's a bit of lighter grey streaking through the bottle. I don't mind it and I don't know if it's a "flaw" per se or what. Just thought I'd point it out. I've not seen other reviews yet to see if mine is the only bottle like this. I'm also curious to see if others got bottles with Geneviev instead of Genevieve.


Nyssa - This one is a creamy hazelnut shade that can lean warm (most of the time) or cool (in cool afternoon shade) and it's one of my favorites. Two coats and no top coat for the photos. Oddly, as I was preparing this post, I was watching the Doctor Who Ultimate Companion episode where they interviewed Sarah Sutton. She was the Fourth Doctor's companion and her name in the show was Nyssa. I'm wondering if that's just coincidence? It's not like it's a common name. LOL! (Another companion of the Fourth Doctor was named Tegan - that's awfully close to Teigen from the Ignite Collection I'll be showing you tomorrow.)


Claire - This one is brown and it's red! It's actually a very red-leaning brown creme. No wait - it's a deep burgundy red with very brown undertones. Hrmmm... Well at any rate, I used two coats and no top coat for the photos.


I'm going out on a limb and saying that this is my favorite Zoya collection ever (so far) and that's because it combined my favorite Fall shades with my favorite creme finish. Yes, I adore some other finishes as well (micro-flakes anyone?) but creme is my first love. I realize not everyone will agree with me because they may not be perceived as "interesting" or unique. To those people I say this - when you have as much polish as I do in as many finishes as I do with as many shades as I do and the formula and shades are good enough to be the ones I reach for day in and day out, they've done something. These are staples.

My favorites are Genevieve, Margo and Nyssa.

So what DO you think? Any favorites?

I'll have the Ignite collection for you tomorrow, so go nowhere!

These polishes, as well as 100s of other great Zoya polishes, are available on, at select salons and spas and at Ulta. You can also follow Zoya on Facebook to get in on their frequent promotions and discounts as well as other information. These polishes retail for $9.00.  Zoya lacquers are 5-free (free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor) and cruelty-free.

For those of you in Canada, check out Nail Polish Canada - they sell Zoya and offer free shipping within Canada (with no minimum)! You can check with them as far as availability on specific collections.

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  1. Genevieve was also spelled incorrectly on the bottles I saw at my local Ulta (in Utah). It seems kind of a frequent occurrence with Zoya that the name on the bottle gets misspelled. You'd think they'd have better proof-reading? I don't recall whether the bottles didn't look fully mixed though...

  2. Great post! I read another review today of the Entice collection (I can't remember whose) and the best logger said that Genevieve has a slight shimmer to it. I guess it's not just your bottle.

  3. Love - can't wait to see the ignite collection!

  4. I love your nail art and swatches and I totally need Claire. Like - yesterday.

  5. I agree, there is nothing like a really well-done creme collection to put a smile on your face. Ryan looks like it might be a close match for Dior Carre Bleu.

  6. Love this collection-- each one a beauty and I can't believe you can free hand an Argyle-- not so easy for me. Veronica, Margo, and Claire are all must haves. Claire would make a great base coat for Road to Nowhere.

  7. These are beautiful swatches Sheila! And I adore your nail art!

  8. Nice cremes. Might splash for Veronica plus some from the Ignite!

  9. Thank you so much for reviewing these, and for the terrific swatches! I am leaning towards getting Ryan!

  10. Oh, and I agree about the cremes. I do love the glitters, flakies and all but when I come down to earth, it's a creme I reach for. Hard to beat a well-done creme mani!


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