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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer: Life on Pandora Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Today I have a brand new 7-piece collection for you from Superficially Colorful that just launched yesterday! It's the Life on Pandora Collection and they are bright, colorful and glow in black light!

Superficially Colorful
Life on Pandora Collection

And they come in cute boxes!

Swatches and review after the jump...

All 7 of these had the same formula. No issues with any of them and the application was great as well. I did notice a few little "bits" in a couple of the polishes, but after mentioning it to the maker, she was already aware and in the process of fixing the mixing issue. I didn't really have too much of an issue except maybe on The Sacred Tsaheylu (the apple green one) - but the issue should be resolved. Most of these could be one-coaters, but I've used two coats and NO top coat for all the photos (unless indicated otherwise) - they all dry down to a satin or semi-gloss finish, which is actually what I prefer over shiny. But super shiny can be achieved with a coat of top coat of course. I've done, as usual, both artificial lighting and indirect natural lighting photos. And in black light for these!

There are LOTS of photos, so let's just dive right in...

I'll start with my favorite of the collection: Tsahik

Tsahik is a bright coral holographic inspired by Mo'at, the Tsahik of the Omaticaya clan. The Tsahik is the spiritual leader of a Na'vi clan and the most important female member.


Atokirina is a bright holographic neon pink that represents the sacred seeds of the Tree of Souls that lives on Pandora. Atokirina is the Na'vi word for a woodsprite, a pure and sacred spirit that represents the planet's life force.


Menari is a bright neon yellow with green undertones and awesome yellow/gold shimmer. The meaning of the word is eyes - inspired by the big yellow eyes of the Omaticaya people of Pandora.


Omaticaya is a medium very bright blue holo that has that lit-from-within look. The name is translated from the Na'vi language into Blue Flute Clan and was inspired by the nationality of the people living on Pandora.


The Sacred Tsaheylu is a super bright granny smith apple green holographic polish inspired by the magical connection the people of Pandora have with nature. The meaning of the word Tsaheylu in Na'vi language is bond. Neural connection.


Toruk Makto is a bright, juicy orange holographic polish inspired by the brave rider of the Toruk - the great red-orange leonopteryx.


Utral Aymokriyä (Tree of Voices) is a stunning violet purple (that leans to the red side rather than the blue side) holographic polish inspired by the special tree where the Omaticaya people can hear the voices of their ancestors.


What do you think? Your favorites? This is my favorite collection of hers so far and my top picks are Tsahik, Utral Aymokriyä and Omaticaya.

These are available NOW in the Superficially Colorful shop here and they retail for $9.00 each or you can purchase the entire collection for $55 and save yourself $8! She ships out of Israel but world-wide shipping is available.

You can follow her on her blog here and her Facebook here and at the other links below to stay informed!

and on Instagram 

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous!! I Must have that coral and the orange!!! :)

  2. That purple! It's often just about the purples for me <3

  3. Oh goodness, I definitely need the full set of these beauties! Great swatches :)

  4. These are phenomenal! I can't pick a favorite. As I was scrolling down, I kept thinking "That's my favorite! No, that's my favorite! Ugh. These are all my favorite!" haha


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