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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer: Day Four - Summer Floral

Nothing to Disclose

Summer Floral Nail Art

I used KBShimmer Sky Jinks for the base and acrylic paints for the rest. Just something about it I wasn't thrilled with. I started out with no yellow dots...

And as I wore it for the full mani I found myself regretting the yellow dots. Lesson: Sometimes one more thing is one too many. I still got compliments on it - I think because it was bright and cheery. I was happy with it over all. I'm pretty okay with bright colors and the mixture of them, just not a really big fan of florals on myself I guess.

One of my more popular manis this year was floral and something I wasn't particularly thrilled with. Go figure!

Hope you enjoyed it anyway!

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  1. This is just so pretty! Great job!

  2. yep, I think I'm a Before The Dots vote too x

  3. These flowers look perfect to me! The yellow dots added some good accent to the design I think :D

  4. I like them both ways; with the dots and without...but sometimes, we are our own worst critic!

  5. This is SUPER PRETTY! I love the intensity of it!

  6. OMG these are fabulous!! Hoping you grow to love florals because you rock at them!

  7. Oh it's so pretty! I actually like it better with the dots :)

  8. These are so bright and fun! Love them!

  9. SO PRETTY! You picked the perfect colors for this!


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