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Friday, October 12, 2012

Kiko #240 Apple Red


This morning I have another Kiko polish for you. I don't know if it's because it's a "foreign" (to me) brand that's hard to get in the US or what, but I'm loving Kiko...especially the formula of their cremes.

Kiko #240 Apple Red is no exception to the great Kiko creme formula. Smooth and easy - two coats for full opacity. I don't know that "Apple Red" is what I would call this one, but I frequently disagree with the names they give their polishes, which could explain why they stick to the numbers. This one is a rich and creamy blue-based red. Shown with no top coat here.

Kiko #240 Apple Red

This is one of those "staple" reds, in my opinion. I have a lot of reds. A lot of red cremes, actually. But the ones I reach for are the ones with easy application and creamy formula. For a slightly orange-based red, I reach for Chanel Dragon. And now for my blue-based red, I can see reaching for this one more often. Illamasqua Throb is still probably my favorite red right now though.

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  1. I love your nails this length, seriously!

  2. OMG, I didn't know that you love Kiko this much. We have Kiko flagship stores here! And Layla flagship store as well. If you ever need something, I can get them for you since I appear to be in KikoLand and LaylaLand.

    1. I ADORE Kiko! I think I'm good right now, but THANKS! Always nice to know another "supplier." LOL! I will be needing back ups of two of the Holos. :D


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