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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 2 of Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream

So...yesterday I picked up Truly Argan Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream and decided to give it a try last night. See post here.

I have 4a type hair - so curly there's really not even any curl definition at all.

And this was after the cream last night...

I slept with my hair down and ventured out into the heat, wind and humidity of the South Texas Coast for breakfast. When I got home, this is what I had...

So...didn't really hold up as well as I'd hoped. But honestly, it help up a LOT better than anything I've tried so far, short of Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

So I'll definitely use it again and see how it goes. You know, for a night out or a special event where I'd really prefer NOT to have it pulled back. As for right now? I've taken it as long as I could. So it's 9 am and I'm already itching to pull it back. *sigh* Of course, I haven't found anyone able to give me a good "curly cut" so it has grown exponentially since last night. It's nearly twice the size.

Baby steps.

UPDATE: 5 p.m. - Back to its normal frizzball in a ponytail. Sadness. And NOW I have to wash it again because it's actually worse. But I keep trying!

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  1. I think it still looks amazing!! You actually have those long "bottle" curls and they are GORGEOUS!!!
    btw, come over ;-)
    We have a hair dresser who's specializes in curles. I've started going there and so far I love it!

    1. Well I don't normally - normally it's just a big ball of undefined FRIZZ.

  2. Sounds familiar. I usually pull mine back into a bun while its still wet to keep it under control before it turns into a mass of frizz

  3. Just wanted to say your day 2 hair looks beautiful to me. Its exactly the colour and curl I've always wanted (says the brunette with pin-straight, super fine hair).

  4. Your hair is amazingly beautiful. Even in the after shot. My hair is naturally frizzy, not curly, not pretty, just frizzy. Thanks for the review. I think I will try this stuff.

  5. DevaCurl Arc Angel is my favorite product so far. I scrunch it in when I get out the shower and let my hair air dry. It does get crunchy, but softens up nicely after a second scrunching.

    1. That's what I've found with Kinky Curly Curling Custard but I'm going to look up DevaCurl Arc now. Thanks!

  6. The one I have the best luck with is Jose Maran's Aragon Oil for hair. But when it comes to heat/hot days..I still need to pull my hair up and back. The JM is more expensive than I want to spend - but love the fragrance and I use only a tiny bit - have to avoid putting it close to the crown when wet or it's too much for me and I am washing my hair that next day..if I use it half way up the hair shafts, I am fine for a good 3-4 days between washings.

  7. It's funny for some reason I imagined you having long straight hair.. it's funny how our imagination invents images for people we only know on the internet. Lol. I adore your hair tho! mine is a little wavy but I've always wanted curls. I had a perm in my teenage years, it was all bad. I guess i'm stuck with my boring hair. Yours is fabulous! <3

  8. If anyone can ask any skin specialist that what is the most effective product for human’s beauty? They all told you like same answer and the answer is Argan oil. This oil comes from Argan tree.


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