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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street - Swatches and Review

So how about some BLING to start the day? Nails Inc. Buckingham Street fits the bill here, I believe.

Buckingham Street is a magenta glitter bomb. Seriously so much more sparkly in person than can be captured in photos. Well with ME behind the camera anyhow. Actually this color is what I tend to describe as orchid. Just so pretty. As you will see in the close up shots, it's tiny magenta and gold glitters in a clear base. It's SO densly packed, though I didn't even realize until I saw the closeup shot myself. Application was easy and smooth. I used 2 coats over a base of a deep plum color I was already wearing, Priti NYC King Spider Orchid (which I don't consider an orchid color, oddly) and topped it with one coat of Poshe. I later did use a 2nd coat of Poshe, not because one coat didn't make it smooth, but because it lost a little of its shine and seemed thirsty. (*This can be worn alone - estimate about 4 coats for near opacity.)

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street

And with a matted accent nail...

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street - matte accent nail

Nails Inc. Buckingham Street - matte

A limited selection of Nails Inc polishes are available through or for around $9.50 in the US and the entire line is available through Nails Inc's own site for around £11.00. Nails Inc. doesn't ship to the US so I'm ever thankful to my UK buddies for keeping me supplied.

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  1. very very very pretty *_____*


  2. In the interest of saving money (which of course can be spent on more polish), Priti polishes are produced by Diamond Cosmetics and the same colors are also sold by DC in their bottles for $2.75-$3.25 a bottle. Unfortunately, their once reasonable shipping ($5.25 for first 10 polishes) is now a ridiculous $15 for up to the first 25. Fine if you want 25 polishes, but not if you only want a few.


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