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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playing Around with Nails Inc.

I was playing around with a few of my Nails Inc. untrieds this evening. Portland Place, Chester Terrace and Clerkenwell.

They looked pretty similar so I thought I'd see and this is what I found out...

Portland Place is a JELLY!

(Sorry all I have are cell pics)

Nails Inc. Portland Place

And then I did really quick and messy swatches of the others... Chester Terrace is a "rubber" or semi-matte finish! Clerkenwell is a straight up creme that dries super-shiny.

L to R: Nails Inc. Portland Place (2 coats,) Chester Terrace (one coat) and Clerkenwell (one coat)

and the bottle shot...

Nails Inc. Portland Place, Chester Terrace and Clerkenwell

Do you have any of these?

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