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Friday, March 23, 2012

Illamasqua Stance - Comparison Photos

After applying Illamasqua Stance I started thinking I had something similar, so I went digging in my stash and came up with these to show you...

At first glance I thought I was going to have some dupes on my hands. But none are exactly dupes. As you can see, though, they are very similar. Illamasqua dried shiny while the other three dried like neons to a semi-matte finish. Illamasqua has slightly more purple - it's a tad darker.

As for formula though, I have to say that the Zoya and the Sinful Colors both applied more easily and with fewer coats than the Illamasqua did.

Illamasqua retails for  £13.50 (about $21.43 as I type this) at
Zoya retails for $8.00 at
Sinful Colors retails for $1.99 at Walgreens
Island Girl retails for under $5 (but I'm not sure where to purchase, other than in Hawaii, or the exact price as I got all mine via swaps)

What do you think?  Will it be Illamasqua for you or is the color difference insignificant enough that you will go for one of the others?

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  1. Great and useful comparison post!
    I have the Sinful. I added navy into it until it duped Julep Helena, which is probably closer to the Illamasqua.

    1. I have Helena! I wonder why I didn't think to show that one? Those skinny bottles get lost on my shelves - LOL!

  2. Well I think I will get the SC to tide me over but add the Illamasqua to my wishlist. I love that extra touch of purple it has. Great post, as always. I love all of the comparisons you do.

  3. This is such a gorgeous color!! Thanks for the comparison!

  4. I was thinking it reminded me of Zoya Charisma. I own that and I just went through my stash and found Dream On. I thought I had it! I'm going to say "close enough for me".

  5. Thanks for the comparison! Island Girl is sold on the continent in ABC stores. We have a few here in Vegas and the polish is cheap, I think in the same price range as Sinful Colors, but no more than $5.

  6. Wow, they are sure close. Pretty color, but it's not something I can wear so I like having the cheaper options. :)

  7. All of them look beautiful but Illamasqua Stance is my fave of the bunch and going on my wishlist! Thanks for the phenomenal swatches as always! =)

  8. They're not far away but def. Illamasqua or the cheaper ones with a shiny top coat will do. :P

  9. Wow, what a helpful comparison! In this case, I think I'll settle for my Sinful Colors bottle and some shiny topcoat. ;)

  10. I have a Face Stockholm for J. Crew version called "Plum Forgot". It's one of my favorite colors. I don't have any Illamasqua polishes, but I keep seeing colors pop up that pique my interest. Must.check.out!

  11. I think I'll pick up either the Sinful or Zoya, if I can find them. Gorgeous color, but they are similar enough for me to go the more economical route! :)


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