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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chanel Rose Exuberant and Comparisons

I couldn't figure out what to wear because nothing looks "normal" on my short nails. I'm just not used to seeing them this way - LOL!  So I went with Chanel Rose Exuberant. It's pretty and the formula is good and admit it, wearing Chanel polish just FEELS GOOD!

I messed up the index finger a little on my usual hand, so you get shots of both hands this evening.  The first photo is the most color accurate in most lighting situations.

Chanel Rose Exuberant

Chanel Rose Exuberant 

Chanel Rose Exuberant 

Chanel Rose Exuberant 

And Twinks wanted in on the fun...

Chanel Rose Exuberant 

And for fun I decided to swatch some similar colors on a nail wheel to see if any were worthy of the name "dupe."

None were exact, but a few are pretty darned close!  So close, in fact, that when I posted the swatch wheel without the polish names on my facebook page and asked which was the Chanel, every single one was guessed EXCEPT the Chanel one! The first guess was actually for the cheapest polish on the wheel!

I love Chanel. And I buy Chanel. And I will keep buying Chanel. Sometimes the formula is better and sometimes it's not and once in a while a color is so unique that it's hard to dupe. But I am able to laugh at the fact that the name Chanel seems to be more important than the color or formula. And I'm no exception. If I ADORE the color enough, I'm going to buy the Chanel one AND the similar ones that are cheaper. LOL!

Here's what I posted on Facebook...

And here's what they are...

1. China Glaze Make an Entrance
2. Chanel Rose Exuberant
3. Zoya Morgan
4. Pure Ice Flirt Alert
5. Revlon Tulip
6. W.I.C. by Herome Las Vegas
7. Orly Swizzle Stick

Everything is a creme and is shown with 2 coats except Orly Swizzle Stick which took 4 - it's a sheer jelly.

All had a decent formula. If I had to pick the best formula of these, it would probably be China Glaze Make an Entrance or W.I.C. Las Vegas.  Pure Ice, Zoya and Chanel formulas were about the same on this one.

So what do you think?

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  1. I am not usually a fan of pinks but this one is really pretty and it looks great on you!

  2. This lovely creamy pink looks great on the shorter nails! Plus, always nice to know that my beloved ChG - Make an Entrance (my price 2.40) is very nearly a Chanel dupe. ;)

  3. The suspense is killing me! Love Twinks:)

  4. I LOVE Chanel polishes. This is one hell of a pretty pink! :D

  5. they are all pretty!!! omg i have to look for the china glaze one hehe

  6. It's nice color, but thanks to your swatch wheel i'm crazy about Revlon Tulip :) I need to buy it *_*


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