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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday! Sinful Colors Bikini

Oh Thrifty Thursday how I have been neglecting you!  This will be another drive-by post as I'm preparing Day 4 of W.I.C. Week for later...

It's been REALLY gorgeous weather here lately. We've had hot days and cool evenings - pretty spring blooms and RAIN to clean the air. My grass even got mowed today and I do love that smell. Sinful Colors Bikini just seemed like the perfect happy color to wear.

Bikini is a bright almost neon pink with loads of pink shimmer to make it "glow."  And still $1.99. Gotta love that.  It went on smoothly and was almost a one-coater!  I used two though.

Sinful Colors Bikini

Sinful Colors Bikini 

Sinful Colors Bikini 

And I added a random flake effect topper to the accent finger but I couldn't really capture it very well.

Sinful Colors Bikini 

Sinful Colors Bikini 

And as I was cropping photos I noticed that it matches my little Post-it Note pad!

Sinful Colors Bikini 

And am I the ONLY one who notices imperfections and rough-looking cuticles AFTER I've already taken the photos?  Seriously, when did my hands start looking so old and ragged?!!!  Macro is not my friend. LOL!

Would you wear this one for summer? I have to say, pinks haven't historically been my favorites, but I'm loving this! It's just so...HAPPY!

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  1. Lovely! And I love your nails at this length!

  2. I love this color! I just bought a ton of bottles of Sinful Colors at my local Rite Aid, they were BOGO 50% off!

  3. I just bought this color last weekend! Figured the color and name were perfect for summer! Im a sucker for pinks though, especially shimmer pinks ;)


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