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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ray Price: Beauty Is...The Final Recordings

Nothing to Disclose

As many of you know, there's no one on earth I'd rather listen to than Ray Price. I've written about him, his voice and his impact on my life before. When he passed in December, 2013, my heart was broken. I knew then the world would never know a voice like Ray's. A body of work like Ray's. A heart like Ray's.

I had ambivalent feelings about his final album. I wanted desperately to hear it, but I dreaded hearing the "final" recordings. Knowing there would never be more. Thankfully, I have almost everything he ever recorded. By almost I mean everything that isn't long lost and impossible.

I waited until Walmart had it - supposedly. Except mine never got it. So I ordered from Amazon the other day. The CD isn't here yet, but Amazon gives you free access to any music you buy through them on your iPhone (or 'droid or MP3 or however that stuff works).

As you may also know if you're a regular reader, my life is in upheaval right now and once again, Ray's there to help me through it. He's been a constant in my life since I can remember. Through laughter and tears, happiness and complete devastation.

I listened first for me. And then I listened to each song again thinking about Janie, his lovely wife. What a beautiful gift he gave not only to the fans, but to her. How she can listen without losing it, I do not know.

He's always had that special ability to choose (and/or write) songs that can touch so many people in so many situations right in that deepest part of their souls. It's always as if he's singing straight to the a great artist who can paint a portrait with eyes that follow you no matter where in the room you move. Drawing you in and embracing you with his rich, perfect voice.

My two favorite songs on the album are Senses and I Can See You.

Beauty Is...The Final Recordings

Senses (Track 7): 

One chance taken from the hands of time, love awakened, unplanned, undesigned. 
Propriety shaken, over the line. We won't tell, we'll hide it well. 

So unlikely, so un-you and me. If God's gonna strike me then strike me please. 
It's so exciting, you next to me, my new best friend, where have you been?

And when the song is over and we say goodbye, what will I do then? 

I close my eyes and you come to my senses again. 

Call it crazy, call it insane, call it sunshine in the middle of rain. 

Only a fool would try to explain you and me, happily. 

And when the song is over and we say goodbye, what will I do then? 

I close my eyes and you come to my senses again. 

I close my eyes and you come to my senses again.

I Can See You (Track 3): 

I can see your laughing eyes kinda lighting up the night around you. 

I can see the shadows dance around those loving moments that we shared. 

I can see a soft blush cross your face the way it did that first time. 

And I can fee you tremble as I take your hand and lead you up the stairs. 

I can see you you with my eyes closed. I can hold you, hold you in my mind. 

I can see you with my eyes closed. Who said that love is blind? 

I can see you standing in my dreams, reaching out to touch me, 

I can see the silver glow of moonlight halo in your hair.

I can hear the silken sound of night gown falling down around you and if God would only grant 
the right to turn back time, I'd turn and find you there. 

I can see you you with my eyes closed. I can hold you, hold you in my mind. 

I can see you with my eyes closed. 

Who said that love is blind. 

Who said that love is blind.

I'm so happy I got to see him countless times and meet him several times. So happy to have that voice preserved and at my fingertips anytime. So glad God blessed him with such a voice and with the ability to share it with us in such an honest and humble way. And for Janie for sharing Ray with us for all those years.

If you don't own this yet, you should. Even if you're not a "country music fan." This man's voice was bigger than any music genre "box" people ever tried to put him in.

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  1. ♥ Very touching. I've been keeping my eyes open for it at Walmart as well but I might have to order it online as you did. I'm so glad he was able to comfort you, even after he's gone. ♥

  2. So glad you have the comfort of his music in this time of upheaval in your life. Be well and find the joys in life again soon.


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