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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paint Box Polish: Sweet and Treats Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 


Paint Box Polish
Sweets and Treats Collection

Of course if you're a Harry Potter fan, you recognized the names immediately - goodies you might purchase at Honeydukes, the famous Hogsmeade Sweetshop. Or from the trolley lady on the Hogwarts Express. And the new base is now 5-Free!

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I'll start by addressing for formula and application as it was nearly the same on all 4 of these. I used two coats on all of them except for Sugar Spun Quills because it's a ONE-COATER! The other 3 nearly are but I did use 2 for the photos on those 3 just because I show you very close shots. I had zero issues with any of these to report. They are all easy and smooth and nicely self-leveling. Pygmy Puff is a matte finish, but I'll show you with and without top coat. Extremely happy with all 4 of these. Especially love my one-coaters so Sugar Coated Quills was great for me. As with all one-coaters, it's a smidge thicker than the others but perfect, in my opinion.


Acid Pops is a super-bright acid green shimmer polish loaded with light blue shimmer/micro-flakes.  Two coats with one coat of top coat.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Fizzing Whizbees is brilliant, super-bright orange that's so juicy I wanted to lick my own nails.  (Don't worry, I restrained myself.) It's loaded with shimmer/micro-flakes in gold, orange and I *think* I see bits of translucent and pink too? Two coats and one coat of top coat.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...



Pygmy Puff is an orange-leaning coral full of gold shimmer/micro-flakes and it dries to a great matte finish! Shown here with two coats - with and without top coat.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...



Sugar Spun Quills is a lovely medium red full of pink violet shimmer/micro-flakes and this is indeed ONE COAT with one coat of top coat.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


What do you think? Favorites? My favorite is Pygmy Puff - I LOVE the flakes and that it dries matte but looks equally great with top coat. Sugar Spun Quills is a close second because ONE COAT!

She is now using her new 5-Free base for all of her polishes and it's fantastic!


You can find these polishes at Paint Box Polish on Big Cartel and be sure to follow Pam's blog for information as well as the Paint Box Polish Facebook page! These retail for $9.00 for full-sized bottles. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Your beautiful photos make me want to buy my own polishes. Thanks for your hard work and for being such a doll in general!

  2. Oh no, they're US-only! Sadface.

  3. Pygmy Puff is just gorgeous!

  4. These are beautiful! I have never heard of this brand before!

  5. I am drooling all over these :D Seriously, as a die-hard HP fan .. My word! I'm definitely getting 2-3 I loved ;) Thanks for swatching <3


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