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Thursday, May 15, 2014

KBShimmer: Early Summer 2014 - Swatches and Review

*This product is Cruelty Free 

I'm really excited to show you the new Early Summer 2014 Collection from KBShimmer this evening. It's one of my favorite brands and this collection certainly reminds me why.


Early Summer 2014

There are 3 new cremes, 3 glitter textures and 6 new holos!

There are lots of photos so after the jump, we can just dive right in...

The Cremes:
Let’s Not Coral– A pink leaning coral cream. 
Low and Be Bold – A bright near ultramarine blue polish.
Right As Reign – A deep indigo purple polish.

Let's Not Coral is a bright coral creme that is perfectly self-leveling. The formula and application were a dream and I have no issues to report. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Indirect natural lighting

Low and Be Bold is a super bright very saturated blue. Not blue but BLUE! This one was so hard to photograph correctly and with color-accuracy I nearly smashed my camera into the wall! (Clearly I'm not taking the blame! LOL!) But seriously, it's perfectly self-leveling. Smooth and creamy - no issues at all to report. Two coats and no top coat for the photos. If possible, it's BLUER than these photos.

Indirect natural lighting

Right as Reign is a deep indigo purple that, like its friend Low and Be Bold, is nearly impossible to photograph. Well for a non-photographer like me anyway. Same perfect, self-leveling, shiny formula as the other two. No issues at all. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Indirect natural lighting

The Textures:
Partners In Lime – A textured polish with lime, aqua, and gold holographic glitters. 
She Twerks Out – A bold aqua polish, featuring teal, lime, and violet holographic glitters. 
Too Pop To Handle – A purple toned fuchsia color, with violet, magenta and aqua holographic glitters. 

Partners in Lime is a super bright green jelly base full of  lime, aqua and gold holographic glitters. This is a glitter texture and not a regular texture and the application and formula were both great. Two coats and NO top coat. Of course you can top coat these if you prefer.


She Twerks Out is an aqua jelly base with teal, lime and violet holographic glitters. Same formula and application as Partners in Lime. No issues at all. Two coats and no top coat.


Too Pop to Handle is the most gorgeous berry orchid "purple-toned fuchsia" jelly base with violet, magenta and aqua holographic glitters. Same formula as the other two. No issues at all. Two coats and no top coat.


The Holos:
Big Tan On Campus – A light tan-ish brown holographic polish.
Goldie Rocks – A shimmery gold holographic polish.
In Bare Form – A near nude holographic polish. 
PT Young Thing – A platinum silver linear holographic polish.
Run! It’s The Coppers! – A metallic copper linear holographic polish. 
Stark Raven Mad – A deep charcoal linear holographic polish. 

All 6 of these holos had the same fantastic formula and I used 2 coats and no top coat for all 6. No issues to report on any of them.

Big Tan on Campus 


Goldie Rocks


In Bare Form


PT Young Thing


Run It's the Coppers


Stark Raven Mad


OMGosh the beauty! What do you think? I'd said when I posted the Press Release that I thought my favorites would be Big Tan on Campus, Stark Raven Mad and Right as Reign...was I right? Well Actually I was! I didn't expect to love all of them as much though. If I had to skip any of the collection, it would probably be the 3 glitter textures only because glitters aren't my favorite personally, but I was amazed at the formula on them and if I could buy like a gallon of the base of Too Pop to Handle I SO would!

What are your favorites?


KBShimmer products can be found at  For sales outside of the US visit You can also check out the KBShimmer blog here
The textures and holos will retail for $8.75 per 15 ml bottle, while the cremes will retail for $7.50 per 15 ml bottle. 

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  1. I am really sad to say it but it's the first KBShimmer collection that just doesn't touch me. Textures are not my thing, holos are not unique color-wise (I am a hude holo fan and I have a lot of silver, black/charcoal and nude ones already) and neither are the cremes. I mean, they all look nice - just not my cup of tea (except, maybe, Low and Be Bold).
    I adore holos and usually I am not so enthusiastic about glitters so I never thought I could say this but - I want glitters from KBShimmer :) Christie is an absolute genius when it comes to glitters, her color combos are always super original and beautiful - so, please, MOAR GLITTA! :)) I'm so looking forward to the second part of collection that is said to come later in summer.

  2. Wow! Those jelly glitters are just wonderful! :D

  3. I love everything about this collection. I'd have to say that my faves are the creams and the nude holos. So pretty!

  4. I want 'em all! Yeah, I've got holos and I've got glitters and I've got creams. But all of these polishes are making me drool. I loved their Spring 2014 collection and now I love their Summer 2014 collection! Thank you for the fabulous swatches and photos!

  5. Gorgeous! Particularly love the cremes - that indigo one 'reigns' supreme :)

  6. BRAVO!!!!! the holos make me holla !!


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