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Friday, April 11, 2014

Superficially Colorful: Giggly

Press Sample 
*This product is Cruelty Free 

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!

This morning I have a gorgeous polish to show you from an Israeli Indie called Superficially Colorful. A while back, I showed you a sneak peek of this one in one of my Bits and Bobs posts as my favorite mani of the week and I showed her first collection called Remnants of Winter here.

Well get ready. Giggly is stunning. And it's a thermal polish. Not only a thermal but a really GOOD thermal. I didn't have to stick my hands in ice water to make it change. The change is strong, like a gradient effect. And the maker has tested these for a really long time.

Superficially Colorful 

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Giggly is a lovely violet orchid purple shade that changes with the temperature. The tips are purple in the photos because they're colder than the nail bed against my skin. Shimmer and sparkle add an extra layer of depth that I haven't seen in most thermals. Great formula and application - no issues to report at all. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.


I can't tell you how much I love this one. After all, it's my favorite color! And the sparkle and very sensitive color-changing qualities are outstanding.

What do you think?

This one, as well as more thermals I'll be showing you soon, are available for purchase now at the Superficially Colorful shop here and they retail for $9.00 each. She ships out of Israel but world-wide shipping is available.

You can follow her on her blog here and her Facebook here and at the other links below to stay informed!

and on Instagram 

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  1. Beautiful! I've been wanting to try these. Nice to read a review. :-)

  2. Beautiful! I've yet to try any thermals but I do always wonder if you'll actually see a colour change, it's great that this one has such a good change effect naturally! And both cool and warm colours are beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful swatches! I'm really happy that Jin started selling these beauties! :-)

  4. Wow! :D Beautiful thermal polish! :)

  5. When oh when are they going to make a thermal that doesn't expire? I, and I KNOW you, have too many polishes to ever use them all....maybe even to do one mani with! I'm sure all my Dance Legends have "died" by now. Seriously... someone's gotta make a lonnnng-lasting thermal!

    Btw... do you know if the UV changing polishes also have a relatively short shelf-life? I'd assume they do, even though their formula has to be different.


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