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Friday, April 4, 2014

Above the Curve Power to the Polish Peeps Spring Collection 2014

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Above the Curve
Power to the Polish Peeps
Spring Collection 2014

I'm particularly excited to show you Above the Curve's Spring collection because they've been sitting on my desk, staring at me longingly, waiting...waiting through nail breaks and sinus infections and me being loopy from medications. Here in South Texas, Spring already "sprung" and I swear one of them started tapping its lil foot at me yesterday.

There are 7 new Spring shades in various finishes, so before they gather and plan a mutiny, catch me after the jump for swatches!

First, I had to have a little fun, as usual. I used the shimmers to do a quick and easy Easter polka dot manicure.

Okay, ONWARD...I'll be showing an artificial lighting photo, an indirect natural lighting photo and a macro of each one.

My disclaimer is that I'm not the best at applying crelly glitters, especially on shorties. I find shorties much harder to polish than long nails anyway and I just haven't found the right "trick" for application of glitter crellies. I did read a tip the other day somewhere that taking a quick swipe with a brush and acetone over the nail uncovers the glitters a bit allowing them to shine through so I'll definitely be trying that!

Formula and Application:

The formula on the crelly glitters was all about the same, a semi-thick crelly base, glitters all came out easily without me having to fish for them. Some of the glitters do tend to get covered up in the base though. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat for all 4 crelly glitters in this collection.

The formula and application on the shimmers were fantastic and I had no issues at all with these three. Two coats and no top coat for the photos of the 3 shimmers.


You're a Peepstar is a creamy lemon yellow crelly glitter polish with circles, hexes, squares and stars in various shapes and sizes.


Twin Peeps is a very soft, pale pink crelly glitter polish with  a mix of circle and hexes, silver holo moons, blue holo stars and pink butterflies.


This One's For My Peeps is a soft purple/lilac creme shimmer polish with a sprinkling of holo and lots of shimmer and what looks to be blue or periwinkle micro-flakes!


Playin' for Peeps is a mint/aqua crelly glitter polish with super neon hot pink, neon lime green and bright blue hexes with magenta and yellow/gold metallic circles as well as a mix of various other micro-glitters and some shimmer and micro-flakes for good measure.


Peeps, Love & Happiness is a pale pastel blue crelly glitter polish with a mix of different shapes, sizes and colors of hexes, circles and daisies. This is the one that gave me the most difficulty with application as you can see in my photos. But because it seemed to have the same formula as the other crelly glitter polishes in this collection, I'm going to assume most of it is just my application.


Peepers Creepers is a soft mint green creme shimmer polish that leans greener in artificial lighting and more straight up mint in indirect natural lighting. There are  flashes of green and blue shimmer and a light dusting of holo. And again I see some baby blue micro-flakes!


Have Your Peeps Call My Peeps is a lovely, soft coral creme shimmer polish with a subtle rainbow of micro-flecks/micro-flakes and a smattering of holo dust.

A note from the maker: *WARNING* This one is a stainer. I debated whether I should go ahead and release this one or not for awhile. But I am one that doesn't mind staining and it's just so pretty I couldn't bear to leave her out!! You have been warned!

And with that note from the maker, my experience was that I had no staining with this one. Because she warned me, I did use a plain base coat (which I don't normally) and had no staining. Your mileage may vary.


Wow! There's definitely something for everyone in this collection and it certainly embodies Spring. What are your favorites? Mine? Well you know me, I have to go with the 3 shimmers. But if I have to pick just one, just look at that last macro - Have Your Peeps Call My Peeps.

Above the Curve polishes are available on their Big Cartel shop here and their Etsy shop here.  And now they are also available at Overall Beauty! You can also follow Above the Curve on Facebook here  and Overall Beauty on Facebook here to stay up-to-date on availability, new collections, promos, etc. The BEST part? $1 of every bottle sold goes to Shriner's Hospital for Children! Full-sized bottles retail for between $8.50 and $9.00.

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  1. Perfect collection for Spring, and gorgeous swatches! Have Your Peeps Call My Peeps is my favorite, followed by the other 2 shimmers, but I am really liking the neon glitter in Playin' for Peeps.

  2. Thank you and been fighting a sinus infection myself and the headache that comes along with it=Ouch! We send our ❤ and thank you as always.

  3. This collection is lovely and thanks for your swatches , they're great, I am loving playing for peeps :) And I am not over that peeps is in every name, I think that's genius and I am laughing :P

  4. I love the Easter egg mani! These colors are all so perfect for Spring!


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