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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Different Dimension Spring 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

Tonight I have a lovely Spring collection from Different Dimension to show you! These went live in the Different Dimension Etsy shop on April 4, 2014.

Different Dimension 
Spring 2014 Collection

There are 9 new shades perfect for the season! I have EIGHT of them for you tonight.

Dewing It Right, Garden Goddess, Gasoline Rainbows, The Grass Isn't Always Greener,
Have a Grape Day, Orchid You  Not, Petal'd and That's Just Ducky

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You guys already know just by the collage pics which one is going to take top place for me so we might as well start with that one!

Orchid You Not is lavender purple linear holo. If I'd had full sun to go with the heat, it would really have POPPED! Great formula - no issues at all. Two coats and no top coat for the photos. (The addition of a top coat later did not dull the holo effect on any of the holos in this collection.)

Indirect natural lighting

Gasoline Rainbows is a black linear holo. Same great application as Orchid You Not....BUT, there are RAINBOW MICRO-FLAKES! Check out the shade macros! No issues at all to report. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

Garden Goddess is  muted sky blue linear holo. Same formula as the other holos. Perfect! Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

That's Just Ducky is a warm-toned yellow scattered holo. Nice formula and opacity. No issues at all. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

Dewing It Right is a sky blue creme with a gold shimmer/micro-flake that is as apparent on the nail as in the bottle. Two easy coats with no top coat for the photos. This one isn't perfectly self-leveling, but it's not bad. Not gloopy at all - I'd call it semi-self-leveling I guess.

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

Petal'd is a clear-based glitter topper with circle glitters in Spring shades and loads of silver and holo micro-glitter/shimmer. The formula and application were great. Glitters were all suspended nicely and came out easily. No issues to report. One coat over various manis with one coat of top coat.

I first layered it over a skittles that Easter or what?

Over Orchid You Not, The Grass Isn't Alwyas Greener, Dewing It Right and Garden Goddess

And then over Dewing It Right...

Indirect natural light

Indirect natural light

And over That's Just Ducky...


And finally, the two thermals in the collection!

The Grass Isn't Always Greener is very unique thermal polish. Unique in that it's a warm-toned yellow-green in warmth and a cool-toned, deeper green in cold. The shimmer/micro-flakes in this one really make it totally unique. It almost seems like it has a green to gold to copper shift in the shimmer. I used three coats of this one for opacity with no top coat.

Indirect natural lighting

And this is the lovely dark green shade it turns in the cold. I've dipped my hand in ice water to show you the effect because, well it's South Texas and already HOT here.


Have a Grape Day is a blue to purple thermal polish with tons of gold and copper shimmer. Again, I'm not sure the shimmer (or micro-flakes?) don't have a special color-shift to them on this one too. It's a cornflower blue in warmth and a lovely medium purple in cold.

Indirect natural lighting

Indirect natural lighting

And this is the lovely purple shade it turns when cold. Again with the ice water. I'm hoping that some of you guys who are still in winter mode get Spring SOON!


Not sure how Tulips Are Better Than One got left out of the package but you can see lovely swatches of that one over at The PolishAholic.

What do you think? You know my favorite...what are yours? Of course those rainbow micro-flakes in Gasoline Rainbows makes it a close second for my favorite.

These can be purchased at the Different Dimension Etsy Store here or at the following e-tailers.

Edgy Polish
MeiMei's Signatures
Le Doux Nuage
Rainbow Connection

You can also follow Different Dimension on Facebook here for all the news, information and more lovely swatches.

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  1. These are all fantastic, especially have a grape day!

  2. The macros of this collection are gorgeous. Some of these even have unexpected small flakies! Very cool!

  3. The close up of Gasoline Rainbows is stunning

  4. Have a Grape Day, Gasoline Rainbows, and Petal'd are all gorgeous!


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