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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Bits and Bobs: April 20, 2014 - Gambling, Yorkshire Pudding, Texture Week and Dogs

Nothing to Disclose

Hi! Long time, no see! What a week it's been. The Spring Crud came to visit me. And me, being the generous, kind-hearted person I am, I passed it on to Mister. Yeah, he was ever so grateful.

Made it through what would have been my dad's birth anniversary, my brother's death anniversary and my mom's birth anniversary on the 16th, 17th and 18th. Three hard days in a row. Went gambling (where I picked up The Crud, I suspect) and didn't win.

Continued after the jump...

On a good note though, I made it through my first week with The Digit-al Dozen! It was Texture Week, which I highly suspect was some form of hazing or initiation just for me LOL! But joke's on them because I actually enjoyed it!

Here's a quick round-up with a couple of "bonus" ones tossed in that didn't make it. This first one was my favorite.

3-D Grid Nails

Nautical Nails



Ate BBQ on the way - they have THE best pork ribs, mac & cheese and blackberry cobbler!

Awesome creme brulee and filet mignon at the Big Sky Steakhouse at Coushatta...

And speaking of food...

I made Yorkshire puddings for the first time go with the roast beef today.

And since I gave my Mister The Crud, and cherry cobbler (blech) is his favorite, I made that for dessert. I prefer a top and bottom "pie" crust sort of for MY cobblers (peach and blackberry) but hey, I wasn't eating it anyhow so he got the easy kind...


And to make myself feel better, I wore my favorite Doctor Who shirt all day.

Yeah I know, I still don't have the hang of taking pics with my iPhone.

I know there was more - I got more lipsticks, I'm pretty sure. And maybe more eye shadow? It's just all a blur lately. I'm frantically swatching in an attempt to catch up on the pretties I have to show you. So I'll quit rambling.

Oh wait...just one more pic.

Happy Easter from my furbabies!

Couple of nuts.


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  1. Quite a full week! Love the top and the furbabies, of course! ♥

  2. Tough week with those anniversaries, etc.

    But some good food/loved ones, nail polish/cosmetics, and not the least of which, dogs....all moments of zen :)

  3. I love the ones that didn't make the cut!

  4. that looks like a very full week!
    And I especially like your boob part. Oh, bob, sorry :-P
    Such fun post!! Happy Easter!!! ♥


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