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Thursday, April 24, 2014

6 Hart Polish: Bad Bad Lulu Brown and Mountain Nights - Swatches and Review

*This product is Cruelty Free 

6 Harts Polish
Bad Bad Lulu Brown & Mountain Nights

Tonight I'm especially happy to be showing you two polishes I got to see manifest from pea-sized ideas to fruition and I have to say they both turned out better than I expected. And I know Courtney and was expecting bottles of gorgeous already. She really outdid herself on these two.

Bad Bad Lulu Brown was made for a mutual friend and brown-lover and Mountain Nights was inspired by a photograph of Courtney's beautiful Montana sky. I think she captured it perfectly.

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Bad Bad Lulu Brown is a creamy milk chocolate creme with very subtle micro-shimmer and I've never been so tempted to lick my own nails before! Formula and application were perfection. Smooth and easy. Two coats and no top coat for photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Mountain Nights is a gorgeous deep royal blue jelly with violet and sliver/white micro-flakes. And I think the micro-flakes even color-shift from violet to blue. Check out the macro! Geesh. Because it's a jelly, it's buildable to opacity in 3 light coats which I've shown in the photos below. No top coat. Squishy and wonderful. No issues at all with formula or application.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


These are so different that I'm picking BOTH as my favorites! I would say these are must-haves in any collection and they certainly aren't like anything I already have in my sizeable stash. LOVE!

Bad Bad Lulu Brown WILL BE AVAILABLE April 25, 2014 (TOMORROW!)
Mountain Nights is available NOW!

6 Harts Polish can be purchased through the 6 Harts Polish Etsy Store here and retail for $9 for full-sized bottles. You can also check her out on Pinterest here, on IG @6harts and be sure to "like" on Facebook here to stay up-to-date on everything.

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  1. I'm always happy to see more lovely browns!

  2. That brown's making me hungry *___* it's real chocolate on your nails!
    Let me say, though, Mountain Nights is amazingly gorgeous.

  3. That chocolate polish is gorgeous! And I don't normally like brown polish!


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