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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Want a Dreamy Bachelor to hand-deliver a Nail Polish Box to You?

Press Release
*This product is Cruelty Free 

If you want a dreamy bachelor to hand-deliver a custom nail polish subscription box to you, THIS may just be the subscription box for you!!!

So check it out...

Take the quiz here.

ZOYA is offering personalized nail polish subscription boxes and you can take a fun quiz to find out which box is for you!

I took the quiz and got The Boyfriend Box and MY box includes a dreamy bachelor!

(MY)BOX - My Boyfriend Box Subscription Description

Nail polish and boyfriends? They have more in common than you think. With any relationship (whether it’s with a significant other or nail polish brand), it can be tough to find “the one” that’s perfect for you. Sometimes (ok, always) this includes honeymoon phases and bad break-ups, but in the end it’s all worth it if you’ve found someone/something you love and trust. Luckily, you’ve already found your perfect polish - now let’s find your perfect man! That's where the (MY)BOX™ My Boyfriend Box comes in....

How It Works
Each month, a dreamy bachelor will hand deliver your ‘My Boyfriend Box’ that includes three gorgeous Zoya Nail Polish shades featuring the NEW ‘LovePotion’ formula. Infused with synthetic pheromones, each nail polish contains a unique scent that will attract your BF to be. Once you’ve found “the one”, our work is done!

Each My Boyfriend Box Subscription Box Includes...

  • Three romantic shades in the NEW ‘LovePotion’ formula
  • An eligible bachelor specially selected by our (MY)BOX™ match makers (Ryan Gosling has nothing on our Zoya Boyfriends)
  • A boyfriend tee that smells JUST like your man to comfort you while he’s away
  • Four fully planned date ideas each month
  • 24-hr support. Our relationship expert panel is here to guide you through your ups and downs and offer a shoulder to cry on
*Terms and Conditions
Please date responsibly. Art of Beauty is not responsible for vague texts, mixed signals, falling in love, break ups or anything else outside of our control. No returns or excchanges on boyfriends permitted.


Want to lose weight? How about the Tone It Up Box?

(MY)BOX - TONEitUP Box Subscription Description

Lose weight while you paint with the (MY)BOX™ TONEitUP Box Subscription! You will receive everything you need to enhance your workout plan and stay on track. Customized to your lifestyle, fitness level and personal goals, our (MY)BOX™ Fitness Experts will customize a program just for you. Perfect for any beginner or avid gym junkie!

Each TONEitUP Subscription Box Includes
  • One FREE accessory personally selected by our (MY)BOX™ Fitness Experts
  • 30-day workout plan fully tailored to your fitness level & personal goals
  • Two TONEitUP Shades featuring the innovative NEW ‘GetFit’ Formula – fully customized to your workout plan each month.  

PLUS - Work out & hit your goals for additional perks each month! Download the TONEitUP App to monitor your progress and you could unlock rewards such as additional free colors, a perkier butt, new collection sneak peeks and MORE!

How it Works 

TONEitUP shades are scientifically created to enhance focus and concentration, while simultaneously boosting your energy. Not only does the ‘Get Fit Formula’ give you the energy and focus to drive your workouts, it also contains active metabolic enzymes that enhance the oxidation of fat and glucose to increase lean muscle tissue.

How about a Super Power?

(MY)BOX - Super Power Subscription Description

Pick your power with the (MY)BOX™ Super Power Subscription. Each month, choose from a wide variety of superhuman abilities to bring out your inner hero! As part of your (MY)BOX™ Super Power Subscription, you will receive one super power polish of choice, along with a complimentary invisibility top coat each month.

How does super polish work? By targeting the richest source of DNA in the human body via the nail bed, we are able to temporarily alter a number of human traits. Ever wonder what it would be like to paint and remove your nail polish with your mind? Done!   

Supported Super Powers:
  • Telekinesis: Paint and remove your nail polish…. With your MIND!
  • Telepathy: Secret conversations with friends in public or reading your boyfriend’s mind. Hello! It’s a no-brainer.
  • Superhuman strength: Haven’t been able to open that one bottle you forgot to clean the neck of? No sweat.
  • Photographic memory: Never forget a color on your wish list again!
  • Superhuman speed:  That’s right, I just painted my nails three times in the blink of an eye. 

 And the Pet Box!

(MY)BOX - PetBox Subscription Description

Take pet-pampering to the next level with the (MY)BOX™ Pet Box Subscription! The Pet Box allows you to spoil yourself while spending quality time with your beloved furry friend. Whether you’re looking to add a new addition to your family or a playmate for your current pet, we’ve got you covered! As part of your (MY)BOX™ Pet Box Subscription, you will receive any two toxin-free, pet-friendly polishes PLUS one FREE* cute & cuddly animal of choice each month. PLUS – all proceeds benefit your local animal shelter of choice.

Animals Available For Adoption & Foster:
Dog, Cat, Rock, Bird, Rescue Farm Animals, Fish, Tamagotchi, Reptile, Chia Pet and Dinosaur.
- See more at:

And the pricing is FAB!

Head on over and take the quiz!

Coming Soon…

Flying, Shape-Shifting, Teleportation & X-ray vision.

PS: April Fool's! *grin*

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  1. NOT okay, Sheila! You had me completely fooled, and I usually don't buy into those pranks 😝
    I was totally ready for that Pet Box!

  2. Can I sign up for all of them? :D

  3. Fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker! In my defense I didn't read the whole post. I just saw 'Zoya' and 'Subscription Box' and was all like "What?!?! Whoop!" LoL! Oh well, I can dream! =)

  4. I don't care if it's a fool - I want the superhero box!

  5. I wish there was something like TONEitUP box. I'd buy it.

  6. Hilarious 😂😂😂 I totally NEED that super power box though!

  7. I will take one of each. I would like Benedict Cumberbatch to come with my boyfriend box. Please include return postage on the box so I can send in my current Husband. Thank you! What a deal!

    1. Well I was sort of counting on Benedict myself, but I guess David Tennant would do. I about spit out my coffee when I read the return postage suggestion though! ROFL!

    2. Sorry about your coffee. I really want to keep my Husband. I am quite attached to him, but I still want Benedict. Perhaps you and I could work out a time share?

  8. I'm with Lori, lol! All I saw was "zoya" and "subscription box" and was super excited! Good prank!

  9. On another note, did anyone else click on the link to take the quiz? After reading that this was a prank, I wanted to see where it's take me. Too funny, you actually take a quiz! It all looks like it's real, until you try to add a subscription to your cart, then you get the April Fools message! Too funny! But I would be totally in if Zoya ever came out with one!


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