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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jindie Nails HipStar and Fun Intended - from the Spring Chic Collection

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Good morning! Today I have 2 new polishes from Jindie Nails Spring Chic Collection to show you!

*NOTE - these launch TODAY, April 27, 2013 - check out Jindie Nails' Facebook page for times.

Jindie Nails Spring Chic Collection - Spring 2013
L-R: Fun Intended, HipStar, Fantastical, Mango with the Flow,
Nude Beach and Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

I will have all of these to show you over the next day or so, but for now let's start with HipStar and Fun Intended!

HipStar: Periwinkle crelly with a mix of neon pink, neon purple, metallic silver hex, stars & dots.

Fun Intended: Pastel neon pink crelly with a mix of neon pink, neon orange, metallic silver, metallic orange, metallic magenta & tiny white stars, hex, short bars & dots plus neon pink butterflies.

I used 2 coats of each of these and did just a little dabbing to place the larger glitters so they didn't end up at the side of my nails because my nails have a high arch. One generous coat of top coat for the photos. Please note that any bubbles you see are the top coat and not the polish - it's already super hot and humid here and I'm trying out new top coats.


Jindie Nails HipStar

Jindie Nails HipStar

Jindie Nails HipStar

Jindie Nails HipStar

Jindie Nails HipStar


Fun Intended

Jindie Nails Fun Intended

Jindie Nails Fun Intended

Jindie Nails Fun Intended

Jindie Nails Fun Intended

Jindie Nails Fun Intended


What do you think of these two? So far my favorite is HipStar. Although those neon orange glitters in that pink base really POP! Stay tuned for the other 4 in the collection!

Visit Jindie Nails to stay up-to-date on openings and re-stocks, etc. at the following links:

Jindie Nails Store
Jindie Nails on Facebook 
Instagram mobile: @jindienails
Instagram for PC here

And also, Ninja Polish,  MeiMei's Signatures and Llarowe have started carrying Jindie Nails! You can also check out Ninja Polish on Facebook hereMeiMei's signatures on Facebook here and Llarowe on Facebook here for updates.

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  1. Love both! These do look pretty!

  2. Hi there Pointlesscafe,
    I used your first picture of this post in my most recent blogpost to show off some polish brands that I myself feel attempted to, but don't yet own any polishes. Jindie Nails is one of such brands. I mention underneath the picture that it's from your blog and there's a link to this blogpost, so I definitely don't try to take any credit of it!
    But feel free to say if it's not okay with you, I can remove it.
    *E-S :)


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