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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comparison Request: Camel/Nudes - butter LONDON Tea and Toast

Okay, I didn't have butter LONDON Crumpet to compare, but I have some of the others people have mentioned so here's a quick comparison...

Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens, Nails Inc. Oakley Street, butter LONDON Tea and Toast and Dior Camel

No top coat on any of them.

Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens vs Nails Inc. Oakley Street vs
butter LONDON Tea and Toast vs Dior Camel

Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens vs Nails Inc. Oakley Street vs
butter LONDON Tea and Toast vs Dior Camel

As you can see, they're all different. I actually loved the sort of ombre effect and did my right hand the same way! I used Chanel Beige on the thumbs, but it's much lighter than any of these.

Everyone who knows me knows I love Dior. LOVE. Love the formula of most of them. And I love Chanel. Love the formula on some of them. When they're good, they're excellent. But for me, the formula is hit or miss, depending on the finish.

But honestly? The Nails Inc. ones and the butter LONDON had better formulas than the Dior and Chanel I chose for this mani.

What do YOU think?

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  1. I think I need Tea and Toast and Oakley Street even more now!

  2. Hampshire Gardens is such a gorgeous caramel color! These are all so pretty <3

  3. Nails Inc Hampshire Gardens is fabulous! I love the mustard brown color. I think either one of these Nails Inc polishes would look best against my brown skintone than the other two polishes, because of the yellow undertones in them. This is awesome to know, because I never thought I could wear camel polishes! I'm so excited! Thanks so much Sheila!!! Fantastic Comparison post!

  4. I own Hampstead Gardens and I love it! It has just a hint of mustard in it to keep it from being too neutral. And the formula is fantastic. I love the ombre effect of this- may have to try it sometime!


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