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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday! With Milani Hipster Plum and Just Grayt

It's time again for Thrifty Thursday! Today I have a couple of great Milani polishes for you. Hipster Plum and Just Grayt.

First up, Hipster Plum on its's a great plum/purple creme with a great formula. Two coats, no top coat.

Milani Hipster Plum

And I did a quick gradient on the ring finger and thumb using Milani Just Grayt, which is a grey/taupe creme. This one takes two coats for full opacity as well and the formula and application are smooth and easy.

Milani Hipster Plum with Just Grayt Gradient

Milani Hipster Plum with Just Grayt Gradient

I loved the color combination and I'll be doing a full gradient with these soon. What do you think? I managed to get a coat of Poshe over the nails with the gradient but forgot the rest of the nails. Sometimes I just don't know about me.

Milani polishes are available at retailers and e-tailers throughout the US and retail for around $4.49.

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  1. Oooh thats a pretty plum color!

  2. Great color choices for a gradient. Love it as an accent nail.

  3. These look amazing together and you are getting so good at gradients! I really love the accent nail gradient idea! ♥

  4. Gorgeous! Hipster Plum is still on my list of "why have I not picked this up yet."


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