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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Comparison Request: Berry Scattered Holos

I've had a couple of requests for comparisons since I posted Jindie Nails Choose Me - with OPI DS Extravagance and China Glaze Hyper Haute...and I always try to accommodate if I have the other polishes and the time so here ya go! ♥

Berry Holo Comparison

Berry Holo Comparison

As you can see, China Glaze Hyper Haute is lighter and OPI DS Extravagance is darker. The holo particles are a little tighter and larger in Extravagance and a little finer in Hyper Haute. Choose Me falls squarely between them and personally I am happy that I have all three. Of course Extravagance was purchased before I went Cruelty-Free.

Hyper Haute is getting harder to find and Extravagance, aside from OPI not being Cruelty-Free it retails for around $12-$14. Choose Me is available at each shop re-stock and retails for $7.75 for a full-sized bottle.

What do you think? Do you need all three?

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  1. I think Extravagance is the prettiest of them all. And I'd be happy to get my hands on either of the other ones :)

  2. I have the other two but still want the Jindie!

  3. Extravagance,is my favorite nail polish on my stash.

  4. All of these are gorgeous, but I think I like the one from jindie the best :D

  5. Oh, you're such a doll! Thank you!
    But now to the question - yes I think I need all three! :)

  6. There is an Orly out, too, that is similar...Miss Conduct I think it's called. Of course I need them all, though. lol.

    1. I can't believe I didn't think to include that in my comparison! Here's one I did with Miss Conduct and Zoya Black and ChG Hyper Haute:


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