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Monday, December 31, 2012

Pointless Cafe's Best of 2012 - Part 3: "Private Label" Indies

I'm baaaaaack! This time I have my top picks for "private label" indie or "indie plus" polishes. These are independent polish-makers who don't "hand-pour" their polish but rather, use a lab. (Thanks to my friend Maile for "coining the phrase" where this type of indie polish is concerned.)  And let me just say that I am a HUGE fan.

Sort of difficult to know which category to put these brands in so they get their own!

Because I went overboard on the hand-poured indies, I've narrowed this list down to my top ten - in no particular order.



a-England Saint George


a-England Dragon


a-England Ascalon


a-England Beauty Never Fails


piCture pOlish Attitude


piCture pOlish Amethyst


Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate


Glitter Gal Mystic Lake


BB Couture Puce


Cult Nails Annalicious


What do you think of my choices? How about the category? How do view these brands? As indies? As Mainstream? Or as "Indie Plus" or "Private Label?" I'm still LOLing at the manic nail lengths. I'll try to be more consistent in 2013.

If you missed Part 1 Best of Mainstream or Part 2 Best of Hand-Poured Indies, check them out by clicking the links.

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  1. I love ALL your choices..and of course..I like the PRIVATE LABEL name...LOL...

  2. Crap, Sheila. I shouldn't have clicked on that BB polish. I just pinned 3 of the five in that collection to my wishlist!

  3. Amazing choices!! Happy New Year! :D

  4. Gorgeous choices!! I think I need quite a few of them now :-/ LOL
    Happy Happy New Year!!! <3

  5. Happy New Year!!! This year was incredibly hard to narrow favorites down, I also ended up with 20 and was at the loss of how to label your Super Indies which b.t.w. is the perfect labelling I find. And awesome choices of yours!!! Many of your listingings were close to make it to mine as well and I felt so bad to skip them ;-) - I am so glad to see that you included them here :-)!!! A England is one of my favorite Super Indies and to me Saint George and Dragon were absolutely outstanding!!!! Also BB Couture Puce was a mark stone as I found this one of the most astonishing colors I have seen to date. Looking forward to follow your discoveries in 2013!!!!

  6. Ohh, so gorgeous... sigh. These are almost all the SAME ones as I would pick as my fav's, especially all the a Englands you showed and Belgian Chocolate... so gorgeous!

    What nail length would you pick if you had to stay with just one? Shorter like in the Belgian Chocolate pic, or longer?

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and have an awesome 2013! ~SS

    1. My favorite length for me is more like the photo of piCture pOlish Attitude. Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Lovely choices!!!

    Annalicious needs to find me!!

    Happy New Year sugar!!! Whooo hoo.. Here's to many more polishes and awesomeness in our lives!

  8. I have GOT to get a-England Saint George! All are awesome choices. The different nail lengths make me LOL too. :) I'm all for doing whatever makes you happy as far as nail length. It also makes me LOL that some people make such a huge deal about it.

  9. Annalicious by Cult Nails is gorgeous!

  10. Ooooh, Belgian Chocolate is amazing!! Great picks!!


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