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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Color Club Hey Gorgeous with Chanel Malice Comparison

Howdy! Tonight I have a quick one for you - Color Club Hey Gorgeous.

Hey Gorgeous is a deep maroon red creme/shimmer polish and it's from one of their older collections. I have no idea which one but it's readily available as far as I know. Great formula, two coats for opacity, one coat of top coat.

Color Club Hey Gorgeous

Color Club Hey Gorgeous

Color Club Hey Gorgeous

Of course I've already been asked if it's close to Chanel Malice, so I thought I'd just show you now. No they're not dupes.  Malice is darker and they are not even really the same finish. But I can see how people would wonder...until you see them side-by-side.

Color Club Hey Gorgeous vs Chanel Malice

Color Club Hey Gorgeous vs Chanel Malice

So what do you think? Do you have this one?

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  1. OMGosh I REALLY need Malice!!! ♥

  2. Oh... Malice is still a winner! Could you please do comparison swatch between OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest versus Chanel Malice? Thank you.

    1. This is a cruelty-free blog so I don't buy OPI. Sorry!

    2. Actually Chanel and OPI are on the same boat. I found this This next list is compiled of cosmetics companies that tend not to test on animals themselves, but continue to buy, use and benefit financially from chemical ingredients that have recently been tested on animals by their suppliers:
      - Avon
      - Chanel
      - Clarins
      - Clinique
      - Cover Girl (partnered with proctor & gamble)
      - Essie (yes, essie! Acquired by L'Oreal in April 2010)
      - Estee Lauder
      - MAC - after a lot of research I have found that despite their testimonials, they still do
      - NYC/New York Color (coty)
      - OPI - *"was acquired by Coty LLC at the end of 2010. Coty tests on animals."
      - Revlon

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Malice is the winner! But I do like the Color Club polish also.

  4. i'm wearing malice now :D but i like cc too!

  5. Both are very pretty, but Malice wins hands down >.<

  6. Crappp... I like Malice better, lol! This is going to get expensive! Thanks for the comparison!

  7. omg..I need Malice. Such a beautiful color.


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