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Monday, December 3, 2012

Comparison Request: Chirality Kale, a-England Dragon and La Femme Unica

Comparison Request

I've had a few requests for comparisons with Chirality Kale since I posted it, so here are photos of Chirality Kale, a-England Dragon and La Femme Unica.

Comparison: La Femme Unica vs a-England Dragon vs Chirality Kale

Comparison: La Femme Unica vs a-England Dragon vs Chirality Kale

Comparison: La Femme Unica vs a-England Dragon vs Chirality Kale

Comparison: La Femme Unica vs a-England Dragon vs Chirality Kale

As you can see, a-England Dragon isn't really close. La Femme Unica and Chirality Kale are actually quite close though! Kale is a bit darker than Unica and is a tad more olive green but unless you are close-up under strong lighting, it's not obvious that they're different at all. I'm not calling "dupe" here though. It takes an exact match, to my eyes, for me to use the word dupe.

What do you think? Do you have any or all of these?

La Femme polishes range from $6 - $9 at Ninja Polish (Unica is $9) for a 9 ml. bottle. Make sure to follow Ninja Polish on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on restocks and promotions and for swatches and other information.

A-England polishes are available on their website, and they offer free international delivery. You can also order through Ninja PolishMeiMei's SignaturesOverall Beauty and Llarowe. And of course, you can always stay up to date on their latest release by following a-England on Facebook and Twitter!  Also follow Ninja Polish on FacebookOverall Beauty on Facebook and Llarowe on Facebook and MeiMei's Signatures on Facebook for more updates, availability and re-stock information. 

Chirality Nail Polishes are available on her Big Cartel site here and you can also follow her onFacebook here and Twitter here to stay up-to-date on re-stocks, specials, new swatches, etc. Polishes are B3-Free and cruelty free and retail for $7 for full-sized, hexagonal-shaped 15ml bottles.

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  1. I've also been curious to see how Chirality Cu2+ compares to A England St. George.

  2. Chirality is my new favorite polish and Kale is amazing! Thanks for the comparison, I still like Kale best!

  3. Yep, its official I need Kale!!!

  4. I have Unica and still want Dragon... I can pass on Kate though!


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