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Sunday, September 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 24 - BOOK INSPIRATION

My inspiration for today's challenge manicure won't be hard to figure out - I hope. Not because I'm good at nail art but because it's SO literal.

Book Inspiration Challenge Mani

(In case you still couldn't guess it, it's written on my middle nail. *grin*) That book scared the bejeebers out of me and I loved every word of it.

If you'd like to join the 30 Day Challenge using your untried polishes, go here to grab the codes to embed in your posts for the next 30 days and add your post using the link below! Thanks to Polished Criminails for starting this one!

Untrieds used:
Nails Inc. Park Cresent
Sinful Colors Innocent
Sinful Colors Pink
Sinful Colors Rainstorm

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  1. awesome, because it turned out so gruesome))))

  2. Such classics... I LOVE your take on this one so much!!! Your clown makes me all shiver as I remember...
    You know, today I won't dare reading it again. I just don't have the nerves... LOL
    and I think your nail art skills on this one are simply excellent!

  3. You did such an amazing job on this!!

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so good it's SCARY!!!

  5. Love it!! Can't read the book or watch the movie, and can't stand clowns now, but this mani is fantastic! You did such a great job!!

  6. SO cool!! I haven't read the book, but you did an awesome job recreating what I've seen in the movie! Pennywise is perfect!! :]

  7. This is awesome! Now I wanna watch the movie. Pennywise used to scare me when I was a kid. I love that you have the boat too.

  8. omg i loooooove this movie!!!and the nail with the little boat is awesome! :D

  9. Fantastic nail art! I read the book and it scared me too!!

  10. aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! This is scary! LOL JK. I still cant bring myself to watch the movie haha. Love the nail art.

  11. This is awesome Sheila!!!!
    Don't you dare say that you suck at nail art again!

  12. These look awesome/scary! I'm glad I didn't see these last night, that clown would've haunted me in my dreams :D

  13. I was ok with this until I saw the clown they scare me to death hate them but I love the mani :D

  14. great stuff - your index is amazing xx


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