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Monday, March 14, 2016

KBShimmer: Spring 2016 Collection - Swatches and Review

Press Sample 
*These products are Cruelty Free 

Happy Monday! Yeah okay, not entirely happy. I WANT MY HOUR BACK! But at least I have a pretty new collection to show you!

KBShimmer Bath & Body
Spring 2016 Collection

There are 14 new shades from KBShimmer launching on March 15th - 7 Spring, which includes crelly glitters, glitter toppers, holos and shimmers, and 7 "Mega Flame" polishes. And...a NEW product I'm excited to show you.

There are 14 polishes, as I said. And if you know me, you know I have a LOT of photos because I try to show you artificial light, full sun and indirect natural light/shade for each one. So grab that bucket of coffee and settle in.

First, the new product. Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream. This is a MATTE cuticle cream. It's just as moisturizing as the other cuticle creams and lotions that KBShimmer puts out but it's matte! Now I don't know how important that is to everyone, but I can tell you it's definitely a blogger's dream because I've never been able to use anything on my cuticles between swatches - no one wants to see oily cuticles in the swatch photos. Well, at least I don't. I HATE the photos with super greasy looking fingers.  And yes, it comes in lots of scents AND unscented!

This photo shows what it looks like just seconds after applying...

Okay, on to the polish...

Hello Dahlia - This one is a peachy medium-toned orange with gold micro-glitter and shimmer/micro-flake. I *think* I even see a bit of holo sprinkled in when I look at the bottle though that part wasn't apparent on the nail. Smooth and creamy application. This one does self-level but not *quite* as well as the others in the collection. If you don't over-manipulate it, I think 2 coats would be sufficient for even, full opacity. One coat of top coat. And spoiler: This is my FAVORITE!


Peony Pincher - This one is a warm-leaning lavender linear holo with a copper holo arc. Perfect application. Two coats and one coat of top coat.


Pools Paradise - This one is an aqua crelly glitter with what look to be aqua, pink and periwinkle glitters and a lovely shimmer that comes out to play in the sun. The glitters settle nicely into the base and the application was smooth and easy. Three thin coats and one coat of top coat.


Prints Charming - This one is a white based crelly glitter full of aqua, purple and magenta metallic glitters in various sizes. This one is like BAM! SPRING! No issues at all. Three thin coats and one coat of top coat.


Purr-fectly Paw-some - This one is a silvery, icy blue linear holo with what looks to be golden shimmer? These ultra-holos are so hard for me to describe! I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat. No issues at all with formula or application.


I Wet My Plants - This one is a periwinkle blue crelly glitter with purple, copper, silver and gold glitters and holo micro-glitter. I think. It's harder for me to tell exactly with the colored crelly bases because with each coat you get different dimensions. I used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat. Zero issues.


Upside Round - This one is a clear-based glitter topper full of fun, bright matte neon round glitters. I'm showing one coat over KBShimmer Eyes White Open and then as an accent nail over Purr-fectly Paw-some. The glitters all come out of the bottle easily and spread nicely on the nail. No issues. One coat of top coat.

And as an accent over Purr-fectly Paw-some...


And now for the 7 new Mega Flames! All 7 of these had the same formula and holo. I'm not sure what magic this is, but they are scattered holo blingtasticnessification BUT there's also a holo flame/arc that is virtually impossible to capture along with the scattered holo. You can see it in the bottles I'm holding though. They are all crelly based glitter holo and they are all blingier in person than the camera can capture. I used 2 coats and top coat on some and 3 coats on others. I didn't have any issues with formula or application on any of them. Except that the camera went a bit cross-eyed trying not to be blurry.

Night Bright - This one is the black version and I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat.


Ripe for Pinking - This one is a nicely saturated bright pink. Two coats for this one as well with one coat of top coat.


Set in Ocean - This one is an aqua blue. I used 2 coats of this one and one coat of top coat but I'd probably use 3 light coats next time I wear it.


Smells Like Green Spirit - This one is the grass green version and I've used 2 coats and one coat of top coat.


So Flamous - This one is the champagne version and I've used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat. My skin tone pulls this one more orange than it actually is.


Stalk Market - This one is the celery green version and I've used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat.


Things That Make You Go Bloom - This one is the lavender version and I've used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat.


What do you think? Favorites? Picking my favorite from the regular Spring Collection was pretty easy for me...Hello Dahlia! 

(You're lookin' swell, Dahlia.......I can tell, Dahlia
You're still glowin''re still crowin''re still goin' strong.) 

Yes I went there. WHAT? Don't pretend you're not singing that in your head right now.
It's harder to pick from the Mega Flames because who doesn't need that bling in every shade? But if I had to, Night Bright, just because it looks best on my pale skin.

The Spring 2016 Collection launches March 15, 2016 so mark your calendars (That's TOMORROW!) and keep checking the KBShimmer Facebook page for more swatches and information! Also check out my post on 3 of the newer water slide decals here, including Moustaches and Mani Shots!

You can purchase KBShimmer polishes on their site here starting March 15, 2016! You will also be able to purchase at Harlow & Company and on Amazon - keep a check on the KBShimmer FB page for availability/dates from those stockists. 


*Products sent to me by KBShimmer for my honest opinion
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