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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset Dissected Collection + LEs - Swatches and Review

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

Are you there readers? It's me, Margaret Sheila! Tonight I have a collection to show you from Great Lakes Lacquer called the Sunset Dissected Collection. I'm a bit later with this post than I intended to be due to a *mumble grip complain* migraine.

Great Lakes Lacquer
Sunset Dissected Collection

Before we get started on the polish, I wanted to address a couple of things. First, the brushes. Great Lakes Lacquer is changing their brushes to a bit wider, flat brush. These brushes aren't OPI Pro-Wide or Dior wide but they are no longer the skinny rounds. However, she still has quite a supply of the skinny ones, so while they last, if you prefer your order be the skinny rounds, just make a note on your order and she will oblige.

This is a comparison photo the maker took...

And I've compared a few of the indie brushes as well. The first one on the left is the GLL skinny round with the new brush right next to it. I think the new ones are the same as used by all of these except Scofflaw - the caps are different but they appear to have the same wand/brush insert.

And second, the maker. She's been working hard on her formula and application and thankfully, respects honest feedback from her bloggers. When I got the first set of this collection, I wasn't a huge fan of the formula on them. She listened, delayed the launch and perfected them. They had already been in the testing stages for a long time, so a few tweaks of the ratios (I mean I don't make polish or even know the first thing about it, but she did) and BAM, she nailed it. So for me, that means a lot that she would take a hit like that to her time and her bottom line to put out a product she can be proud of.  I have had makers not respond well to feedback and insinuate that I was the problem or that I didn't know how to adjust my application methods to the formula, etc. None of that here. She just fixed it.


Okay, now on to the polish!

First, the 2 Limited Edition polishes - A Rainbow for Your Sunset and A Sunset Reassembled. She offers these monthly and these two will be available from Monday March 7th at 3 pm EST until April 2nd in the Great Lakes Lacquer's shop.  

A Rainbow for Your Sunset - This one is a clear-based flake topper with holo flakes and color-shifting flakes. I've layered over my whole mani of Disappearing Daylight and then as an accent over Lavender Light and The Last Remaining Light, all of which we will get to shortly. One coat over the base with 2 coats of top coat. No issues to report with formula or application but I did notice that some of the flakes roll up and are like little hard bits, which that 2nd coat of top coat seemed to take care of. You don't notice at all with the naked eye but you can see it a bit in the close-up shots.


A Sunset Reassembled - this one is a burgundy red creme/shimmer but the shimmer is a color-shifting one! It shifts from copper to violet/purple. It's a bit more on the subtle side and not a full-on in-your-face duo-chrome. No issues at all with formula or application. Two coats with one coat of top coat.


And the rest of the collection...

Disappearing Daylight - this one is a cornflower blue with gold/copper shimmer and micro-flakes.  I used 3 light coats of this and it's nicely self-leveling and dries to a high shine. No issues to report. The artificial light photos are the most color-accurate of this one.


Lavender Light - this one is a lavender crelly full of pink micro-flakes or flecks - or they might be violet? They appear violet as they combine with the base. This is one of those shades I have trouble photographing. The sunlight photos are the most color accurate of this one. I used 3 light coats and one coat of top coat. It self-levels and dries to a high shine.


The Last Remaining Light - This one is a medium-to-dark blue base with purple undertones, scattered holo and color-shifting shimmer that goes from gold to green to pink. It's too blue to be "blurple" but has enough purple that it's not totally "blue." The shade macro shot is probably the best representation of this one. I used 2 coats of this one with one coat of top coat. Self-leveling and dries to a high shine.


The Last Sliver of Sun - This one is a pale celery green crelly full of multi-colored and gold flakes and shimmer. This is the one that nearly got me in trouble with the maker! I did a Bits and Bobs blog post about blogging and she saw my notes showing "celery soup!" But to me, it does look like that with the little bits and everything and I think that's a good thing - I love the color of celery soup! The shade photos are the best representation of this one.


Sailor's Delight - This one is a bright red-orange crelly full of golden shimmer that's a bit on the shy side until the sun hits it - I think it may be a color-shifting shimmer because in the sun macro shot I can catch bits of violet shimmer too! I used 3 light coats and still had a smidge of visible nail line - barely. But I have a strong nail line. No issues with formula or application. Self-levels and dries to a high shine.


Washed in Magenta - This one is a red-blurple-cranberry-burgundy-raspberry jelly. LOL! Really it's hard to describe but it's mostly a cranberry with violet/purple/blue shimmer and/or glass fleck?  Sorry about that description! I only used 2 coats of this and in some light you can still see visible nail line in the photos but I saw no VNL in real life at arm's length. One coat of top coat. No issues with formula or application.


Well there ya go! What do you think? Favorites? My favorites are The Last Sliver of Sun and Lavender Light. Turns out I love crelly flakes as much as I dislike crelly glitters. Who knew?

The Sunset Dissected Collection will be released Monday, March 7th at 3 pm EST

You can purchase these at her shop and be sure to follow on social media to stay up-to-date on swatches, collections, restocks and the like. Links below:

Great Lakes Lacquer Shop
Great Lakes Lacquer on Instagram
Great Lakes Lacquer on Facebook


*Products sent to me by GLL for my honest opinions
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  1. How does Sailor's Delight compare to Cult Nails Annalicious? Beautiful swatches!

    1. Wow, great spot! Annalicious has more of the shimmer and almost a duo-chrome look to it and it's also a bit thicker formula. The look is quite similar though.

  2. I really like Washed in Magenta and The Last Sliver of Sun. How does Washed in Magenta compare to Pretty Serious Cosmetics Crimson Pearl?

    1. Tanya, I hope you don't mind if I answer as well, but it seems like Crimson Pearl's shimmer is a smaller micron and shows blue mostly. I feel like Washed shows a violet shimmer with some blue. I feel like Sheila captured the shifty quality of it very well. It's also NOT a hidden shimmer at all and sparkles very well in most lighting situations. Still, I'd wait for Sheila's response too as I know she'll have good input.

    2. I'd agree with that ^ Also, Crimson Pearl seems more opaque and less jelly than Washed. The shimmer/sparks in Washed shift a lot from blue/violet/pink/magenta while Crimson Pearl looks like a blue shimmer from the photos I've seen. I don't have that one to compare for you though.


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