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Friday, October 31, 2014

Superficially Colorful - In Autumn Mood Thermal Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

I'm back as promised with more polishes from Superficially Colorful! This time I have the Autumn Thermals. I will apologize in advance for living someplace so hot. I didn't capture the thermal changes so at the end I will show you where you can see them in all their glory. They change easily and significantly.

Superficially Colorful
In Autumn Mood

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All 4 of these had the same formula. Smooth and easy with no issues at all to report. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat for all photos.

A Summer's Wave Goodbye is an orange-leaning red when cold and a bright yellow when hot. "As Fall comes nearer, we're waving goodbye to the hot summer that's leaving."


All Fall Down is a brown to orange thermal with gold and green shimmer and various sizes of white glitter. "Inspired by the autumn leaves turning brown and all falling down."


Buried Treasures is a dark green that turns to a medium-to-light grass green with green and blue shimmer and various sizes of white glitter. "Inspired by the Summer and Spring being buried in remote places far from the eyes during the Autumn and Winter seasons."


Unbe-leaf-able is a deep magenta purple/wine thermal that changes into a nicely saturated magenta pink when hot. It has red and pink shimmer and various sizes of white glitter. "Another little game of words."


These are all 4 fantastic but I think my favorites are Unbe-leaf-able and All Fall Down. What are your favorites? I still have the first set of thermals and the thermal properties last forever. Very happy with these.

To see the awesome thermal properties from someone who doesn't live in Lower South Hades, check out Jen's post here: My Nail Polish Obsession: Superficially Colorful In Autumn Mood Thermals.

If you missed Superficially Colorful's Life on Pandora Collection, check it out - it's my favorite collection of hers so far! And see the Fairies and Sprites Collection here.

These are available NOW in the Superficially Colorful shop here and they retail for $9.00 each or you can purchase the entire collection for $35. She ships out of Israel but world-wide shipping is available.

You can follow her on her blog here and her Facebook here and at the other links below to stay informed!

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  1. All these are amazing colors! It is a good thing to show thermals in different climates so the buyer knows what to expect for their area!

  2. A Summer's Wave Goodbye is super pretty, I love those glassflecks!

  3. These polishes are gorgeous!! The shimmer with the bonus glitter and the gradient fade works so well, loved your swatches!! :)


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