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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Darling Diva Charity Polish: Red Friday - Benefiting DAV

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*This product is Cruelty Free 

Tonight I have a very special polish to show you called Red Friday - from Darling Diva Polish. This isn't the first time she's created a polish and earmarked ALL of the proceeds, yes every RED cent, to go to the DAV (Disabled American Vets). And it's stunning.  Good cause and pretty. Can't beat it.


Darling Diva Polish
Red Friday

The DAV is actually the only charity, aside from animal rescue charities, that I've personally donated to. I have so much respect for anyone serving in the military, but I have a special place in my heart for those who've returned home injured and I'm all for anything that helps, even in a small way.

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Red Friday is a gorgeous cherry red linear holo with holo shimmer. Double whammy! And my camera sort of went cross-eyed when it saw this polish in the sun. Perfect formula. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...


Full afternoon sun...


If you're in the market for a cherry red holo, this is your guy! Loved it.

Red Friday will be available October 17, 2014 for $15 at Darling Diva's site here. It will also be available at Llarowe soon. Keep an eye on Darling Diva's Facebook page and Instagram for exact times and Llarowe's Facebook page for details on it's launch there.

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  1. I will definitely be grabbing this one! So stunning!!

  2. did you find this to be a real red/red or did it lean pink or orangeish at all?? dosent look like it from your pics just curious!!!

    1. It's didn't lean pink or orange. It is a warmer less bright shade of red than The Alchemist though if that helps.


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