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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nail of the Day: Pahlish Balneario

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*This product is Cruelty Free 

Happy Saturday! Today I have, as promised, Pahlish's Balneario to show you. This was the polish I used as the base for the Spooky Halloween Nail Vinyls Mani the other day.


The thing about this polish is that it's pretty much a neon with micro-flakes, so it's not only great for Halloween, but for all seasons - depending on how you wear it. Today it's a bright reminder of summer.

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Balneario is actually a pinky-peach tinted orange neon micro-flake polish. The more coats you use, the more straight up orange it becomes though. With 2 coats, you can still see the pinky-peach peeking through. With 3 coats, you loose most of that. The micro-flakes are mostly gold with some pink ones sprinkled throughout. Here I have 3 coats for full opacity and no top coat so you can see the finish. Perfect formula, no issues at all.

And here, I was attempting to get the last few seconds of natural light before sunset...


I about fainted when I got this one on. I'd recently purchased it and wasn't planning on wearing it right away, but being lazy as I am, I didn't want to get up to find another "orange" for the halloween mani, so I opted for remaining seated and using this one and I'm SO glad I did. Even after I changed the halloween mani, I had to put this one back on. It's just so happy.

You can purchase Pahlish on their Big Cartel site here and at  Llarowe. Polishes retail for $9 and $15 for Duos.

You can also visit Pahlish on Facebook and Llarowe on Facebook for more information.

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  1. This polish is so gorgeous, it's all about those flakes and that shade of orange!! I have to get some Pahlish in my life :)

  2. My favorite color!!! That polish is gorgeous.


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