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Friday, September 30, 2011

Green Skittles!

Yes, I realize this isn't a true "skittles mani" but it's my green version.

L to R: OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window, Chanel Khaki Vert,
Revlon Moss and OCC Swamp Thing - natural lighting
Indoor artificial lighting
Have I mentioned I love the "ugly" greens? OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window had great application, Chanel Khaki Vert had the best, smoothest application, Revlon Moss had good application but dried a little wonky  and OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) had a decent formula, but the brush SUCKS.  As I also may have mentioned a time or five, I hate clean up and avoid it if at all possible. I didn't do any clean up here, but you can see that I had a really hard time with the OCC brush and couldn't get it straight.  I don't know if it's cut wrong or fans out too much or both.

And yes, I wore this out in public for TWO days. *grin*

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