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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dior Holiday 2011 Nail Polish - Exquis and Merveille

Dior Merveille and Exquis

Just happened to run across these today and couldn't resist them!  I swatched them at the Dior counter over my (thankfully) somewhat neutral mani and ended up with these two:  Merveille and Exquis.  My first Dior polishes. (Edited to add: For Apparat Review, go here. I finally bought it!)

First up Merveille - It's in the red family, but it looks like a caliente tabasco color to me with glorious gold shimmer that makes it totally unique from any of the other 60+ red/orange shades I already have.  As usual, my photography skills, or lack thereof, do NOT do it justice.

Dior Merveille
Dior Merveille

Dior Merveille
It went on like a dream and could probably stand on one coat, but of course I applied two. The photos are before cleanup and topcoat.

Next is Exquis.  I ADORE this DIOR!!!  Again, at first glance, I thought it was probably too close to other brown/taupe/mushroom/murky colors that I already have a ton of, mais non!   It's a gorgeous coppery/mushroomy color with tons of gold shimmer and it even looks as if there are some green glass flecks too!  It even flashes that lovely murky green color I love so much! This one has Chanel Quartz beat - hands down!

Dior Exquis

Dior Exquis

Dior Exquis

Dior Exquis

The application was nothing less than awesome and I love the Dior brush!  Again, one coat would probably have done the trick, but I applied two and these photos are also before clean up and top coat.

Great formula and while not particularly unique at first glance in the bottle, trust me, you NEED them. *wink*

Edited to add comparison photos.

After I did a full mani with Exquis, I kept thinking that it reminded me of something.  Finally it hit me.  Cult Nails In a Trance.  They're NOT dupes and I am glad I have both, but you can certainly see similarities.

Full morning sun
Artificial lighting


  1. Exquis looks really pretty on you!!You make me have to get this one!! :3 and of cuz i trust u ;3kekeee its sooo awesome , another one coater !!

  2. WOW. Decided to look through your Dior swatches and Merveille is absolutely amazing. A little pricey on ebay right now, but it is SO gorgeous!! You've actually just made me add about 6 more Diors on my wishlist


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