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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chanel Khaki Rose - Khaki Collection FNO 2010

Chanel Khaki Rose in  Sunlight
Today I'm wearing Chanel Khaki Rose - it's like wearing hot cocoa on your fingers. Mmmmm!  Unfortunately, all of the talk of Autumn has me wishing that was actually a real season where I live. Feeling VERY homesick, as I always do this time of year.

I received this collection as a ROAK (Random Act of Kindness) earlier this year and I just love it.  All three in the collection are just so ME. They were released as a limited edition collection for FNO (Fashion's Night Out) in 2010.

Different lighting...

Chanel Khaki Rose

Chanel Khaki Rose
This is a creme, as are all the others in the collection, and goes on perfectly. Ease in application is a biggie for me as I hate clean-up and none of the photos have had any clean-up.  It's medium thick, so it covers well in one coat, but reaches perfection of coverage in two. Definitely not too thick though.

I've done a swatch comparison of all three and for reference have included Chanel Particuliere and Rimmel Steel Grey (touted as a Chanel Particuliere dupe.)

Chanel Khaki Collection

These are using one coat of each.  As you can see, Particuliere is greyer than Khaki Rose, which has more red undertones.  Khaki Brun is a murky/dirty dark olive brown and Khaki Vert is THE perfect olive green. The Rimmel Steel Grey is a little greyer and has more purple undertones than the Particuliere.

If that's not the most perfect 5 colors ever, I'll eat my shorts.

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